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• 1/14/2019

Active team

Hi I’m looking for an active team that’s doing well in standings. I have around 11,000 monster power. Thanks

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• 11/8/2018
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• 8/9/2018

Monster legends help

So i need help on which team roles i should take for attack and defense team, Attacker or something it would be really nice to tell me.
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• 7/14/2018

This is not right

Gortak should be in the op rank or higher. U better check everything before u rank the list of Gortak, don’t underestimate him. Flamerion should be promoted to SS+ rank. And Barbael should be promoted to SS+ rank as well.
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• 11/27/2017

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Bonne continuation !
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• 9/9/2016

Suspect Test September 9th + a few news

So, the suspect test on Tempest and Stinger S1 is over. They both climb one rank higher, so congrats to both.
The suspect test of this week is a very special one. We are going to talk about a rank that has never been touched since it's creation: the S rank. So basically, we currently have 3 monsters in the S rank. However, this week's suspect test might change that to 4, or keep it at 3 while not having the same monsters in it...
So what do we have in the S rank? VoltaiK, sure. But screw him, he stays there. Calliech is also up there and for good reasons. But she is at her right spot, so no change for her. So obviously, I'm talking about Timerion. Now, I'm not asking to nerf him. Oh no. I am asking to actually make him HIGHER.
To be more specific, Timerion would be above the S rank, get a newly created rank: the SS rank. So the first monster suspected is him:

Timerion (S -> SS): Timerion is a very scary monster, you ALWAYS need a way to counter him while making a team. You always need to stop him, he is such a big treat, he made some amazing monsters unviable because they have too big cooldowns. If your monster is too slow, Timerion will stop-time him FOREVER, making it even scarier to face. By creating the SS rank, that would mean Timerion is the best monster in the game. Are we ready for this?
But wait, there is more. I said the S rank might get a new member isn't it? Well one of the A+ monsters is actually so good, I think he deserves more. That monster is the king of all tanks, the monster so feared in Team Wars, the one and only...Ouros!

Ouros (A+ -> S): Ouros got the highest life in the game by far, amazing power, an amazing movepool, this thing is a complete nightmare to face in Team Wars. He iss also immune to both stun AND freeze, thanks to his signature trait. Ouros also got one of the scariest special moves in the game, able to finish the battle in a blink and make you lose a lot of war coins. Ouros can return major damage and still live, thanks to his life being higher than any other monster, he can take all the hits you want. On top of that, he can DOUBLE that life AND PROTECT his allies. Oh and you want to know the worst part? HE CAN HEAL. Lastly, Ouros doesn't even care about possession as he got TWO self moves that allow him to completely ignore the possession. Ouros is just THAT good and I really think he deserves the S rank.
Finally, we have a few changes that happened even without a suspect test. That's right, after a little of revision and the fact I used them in arena to test them, I am happy to announce that these three monsters joined the A+ rank instantanly:

General Ingvar
Congratulations! And now, happy discussing!
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• 9/2/2016

Suspect Test September 2nd

In this week's suspect test, we are suspecting 2 monsters only. They are:

Tempest (A -> A+)
Despite his only meh trait, Tempest has proven to be a true force in the current metagame. His AOE stun is extremely powerful, he also got another stun move, has an AOE blind. With both of his AOE moves, he can easily shut down the opposing team for three turns, or at least make their move miss very often. Tempest also got access to a very strong Thunder-type move which kills most Water-types in one hit, easily clearing out the field of the most common type in Monster Legends. His stats are also very high, even his life isn't anything to laugh at, making him easily taking a few Earth-type attacks.

Stinger S1 (A- -> A)
Stinger got very good stats for an attacker. His trait is very unique for a Metal-type monster, making it stand out. Even if he lacks immobilizing moves, Stinger can deal extreme amounts of damage pretty quickly. His combo between Magnetize all/AOE Metal-type to all is very Deadly. So yeah, he's pretty damn good and maybe good enough for A.
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• 8/26/2016

Suspect Test August 26th

Last week, we had a suspect test on Pixelion, Goldfield and Exo Skeel. Here are the results:

Pixelion keeps his rank due to him being not good enough to climb to the B+ rank
Goldfield moves to the B- rank. This is due to how often he is recommended to counter very powerful treats and how well he works with some monsters like VoltaiK
Exo Skeel moves to the A rank. He is just too strong lol.
This week, we are suspecting three other monsters!

Uriel (A -> A-): Uriel is a great support monster, but he has terrible cooldowns on his support moves he really worth the spot on a team?
Killeraptor (A- -> A): Killeraptor can do serious damage, even if he lacks good status effects. Is that good enough?
Minotaurus (B+ -> A-): With his great skills, does Minotaurus deserve more?
Happy discussing!
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