On this page, you can apply for being an administrator on the wiki!

What‘s an Admin?

An administrator is a special user of the wiki who has special rights within the wiki. They can notably:

  • Block vandals
  • Delete pages
  • Control editing and use rollback
  • Edit the community's design and format.

Current Admins

There are 5 current (active) admins:

How do I get elected?

The rules are almost the same as for the council election.

 Who is eligible to be an admin?

Everyone can join, if they follow these rules:

  • Only registered users can apply for administration (so no "Anonymous Fandom User"s)
  • To apply for administration, a user must have at least 100 edits on this wiki
  • To apply for administration, a user must have joined the wiki at least three months ago.
  • To apply for administration a user must be at least level 60 on Monster Legends.
  • If you've already applied and failed, you'll have to wait three months before writing a new application.

How do I apply for election?

Create a new section named "(Your username)'s Election" and copy and answer the following questions in the dedicated section below:

  • What's your username? (Please link to your profile)
  • How long have you been on this wiki?
  • How many edits do you currently have?
  • Why do you think you're qualified for being an admin?
  • What additional things will you do if you are an admin, compared to what you are contributing currently?
  • Any additional info?

Then, copy this question below: "Do you vote for (username) to be an adminl?"

Contrarily to the council election, only admins can vote here. Non-admin votes will not count towards your amount of yes/no votes

Admins will write their name below your message, and write "Yes" or "No", along with their explanation.

If more than half of the admins vote "Yes", congratulations! You're now an admin. You can now start contributing to stop vandals and help this wiki grow!

If more than half of the admins vote "No", you've sadly not been elected this time. But don't worry, you can try again in three months! In the meantime, contribute to the wiki to increase your edit count, and continue playing Monster Legends to gain experience and knowledge of the game.

Important Note: Admins can't promote other admins. You'll have to PM the bureaucrats (Yoshijr and Kyrem13)

That's it! Good luck!

Past Elections

You can search for past elections here. You can also use the search bar at the top of the website. Type "Admin Election/their name here".



Goatofthefuture's Election

Hello it is me Goat and I am applying for this position for a couple of reasons. My first main reason is that I have a moderate amount of time on my hands and in this time i go around the wiki fixing things and answering peoples questions mainly just helping out and doing things that would be beneficial to the wiki. I also keep a watch out for trolls or vandalizers who go overboard and mess pages up and if I get elected when I block them i will do it fairly and for good reasons. Also as you might know I'm not really a toxic person and want to help the wiki more than anything so if you guys can vote for me it would be greatly appreciated. Also some other notable notes are that I'm level 81 im ML, I have almost 400 edits, I did not edit farm, I have been her for almost 5 months, and I won't, if I become admin, be horrendous and power hungry but help people and set on the right path of helping this community. - Goatofthefuture Also my username in ML is Pratham. 

BTW this is my discord username  



GD Wingson: hey goat. Thanks for your patience. A lot going on. I dont think we really need more admins to be honest. However, you seem trustworthy and i personally appreciate your contributions to the wiki. Also, i stress respectful dialogue and u never are toxic. The fact that we are a bit busy right now and in a transition period lends some evidence that we could use some more help in less patrolled areas. I think u deserve a chance to be part of the team and help. I will say yes. I ask that you stay very focised on helping people learn the game here as that is priority number 1. And always be respectful if u are voted in, since u will represent us all. Thanks again for applying and being patient. Good luck my friend

Fallblade: No for me, we have too many admins rn imo. Also that time where you asked me why I changed multiple of your edits but when I checked your edits weren't even edited by anyone, which was weird as you could've checked it yourself in the history. However I think that anyone on this wiki can make good edits, talk to people and fix pages without being an admin.

Shadowstorm: We do have a few admins right now, and we probably don't need any more, but having more admins never hurt, right? You're helped out the wiki a fair bit, such as requesting bans, adding categories and stuff like that. I'll vote yes

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