Akhenotep, the undead pharaoh that came back to haunt us. This monster is designed to inflict status effects.


Akhenotep climbed the Viability Ranking from initially the B+ tier all the way to the A tier. This is explained by how great he is at inflicting status effects, combined with good stats, a great trait and amazing combinations in his moves, Akhenotep proved himself more than worthy to have a good spot on the ladder. The best thing about Akhenotep is how diversed he is. There are multiple movesets that can be used and a lot of possibilities, which reminds us of Timerion. Sadly, Akhenotep has some fatal flaws that prevent him to be a top tier treat, but he is still very viable and very dangerous to face.


  • Amazing diversity in his status effects
  • Possession immunity is a great trait for Dark legend (which most are immune to nightmares)
  • None of his stats is lacking
  • Even if he lacks immobilizing moves (he only has one), he got some tricks that does a similar job


  • His best moves have big cooldowns
  • If the opposing team has a negative status effect remover, it's game over for Akhenotep

Recommended MovesetsEdit

Where is Toutankhamon?

  • Stamina Domination
  • Manipulation of Sand
  • The Curse of Akhenotep
  • The Rise of the Mummy
  • 3 Speed Runes

This Akhenotep is all about status effects, as expected. Stamina Domination has the lowest cooldown of all his viable moves with only one turn, so it might come in handy. Also, having the stamina regeneration is really nice. Manipulation of Sand is the only immobilizing move he has, which stuns, so it is going to be useful. The Curse of Akhenotep is simply an amazing move, giving Daze, Blind and Damage Reduction to all foes is going to reduce power by 50% and accuracy by 75%! That’s amazing, isn't it? The Rise of the Mummy is your last move and it can actually inflict possession, but it's not 100% accurate. You might also poison or slow the target, so that can be pretty nice. Just saying, this Akhenotep can inflict Stamina leak, Stun, Daze, Blind, Damage Reduction, Possession, Poison and Slow. That is extremely powerful.

Fear the Undead

  • Stamina Domination/Evil Rising
  • Manipulation of Sand
  • The Power of Ancient Dark Sand
  • The Curse of Akhenotep
  • 2 Power Runes, 1 Speed Rune

This Akhenotep is more about doing what Dark-type monsters do the best: damage. Stamina Domination has the lowest cooldown, which is very useful. However, Evil Rising does have more power and gives nightmares as well, dealing more damage than the first. Manipulation of Sand stuns, which is always useful. The Power of Ancient Dark Sand deals a good chunk of damage to all foes and the Curse of Akhenotep is an amazing move that inflicts Daze, Blind and Damage Reduction to all foes. By dealing damage and inflicting all those status effects, you are sure to dominate most of your foes.


As said before, Akhenotep suffers from a good amount of cooldowns. That makes Timerion quite a threat to him. Not only can he use Cooldowns Activated on him, but he is also immune to everything Akhenotep can do except for damage due to his Artifact trait. If you can't afford or don't want to use Timerion, a status effects cleaner is the way to go. Goldfield is great at this as he is also immune to stun, which could be a problem otherwise due to Manipulation of Sand being common among most Akhenoteps.