When the turn starts, if the wearer's Life is below 50%, heals wearer by 19,845 - 62,705 points.


Alces' Amulet is one of the Diamond Amulets. It heals the wearer (important, only the wearer) for a huge amount of health. It has 2 uses, making it effective at keeping the user alive in a prolonged fight.


  • Heals up to 62,705 at max level


  • Reverse Healing hits hard with this relic
  • Only heals the wearer

Recommended Monsters

  • Pierceid works well with this relic, as when she isn't denying, she's usually getting bashed around by tortures and such.
  • Nitroblaster also works great with this relic. Since he's immune to Reverse Healing, all the damage he's taking will be healed right back up.
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