Behold the defender of light! This apparition is rumoured to have some very, very powerful connection in the netherworlds. If you're lucky enough to have this Knight saviour appear before you - you'll be truly blessed in battle!

Role: Attacker / Support



  • His moves are really powerful
  • Like Lord of the Atlantis with Blessed Water and Goldfield with Life Channeling, Arch Knight also got one god-like move for an early Legendary: God's Will
  • He isn't limited to attacking as he has support moves
  • 85 damage attack ( Wow )
  • AoE Blind
  • He can Shield all allies with no CD
  • AoE NER
  • Slow Down


  • Support moves cost way too much stamina
  • His negative status effects are limited
  • Terrible stats and trait (Like other first Legendary, except Vadamagma and Goldfield)

Recommended MovesetEdit

Angel Power

  • Spectrum Rays
  • God's Will
  • Shining Sword/Blow of Repentance
  • Purify
  • 3 Power Runes

Go all for power as Arch Knight is already going to get outsped. Spectrum Rays packs a massive 85 base power, God's Will does heavy damage, heals Arch Knight, got 100% accuracy and only one turn of cooldown! Both Shining Sword and Blow of Repentance have no cooldown, but the first inflicts blind while the second may slow down. Purify is the better support move as it will cure status effects. Don't use Aura of Protection, this move outright suck as it only gives a small shield and cost way too much stamina even for a no cooldown move.


Metal-types that are able to attack, so no Timerion here. Use Metalhëad or Annihilator R2 instead. Arch Knight can also be stunned, frozen and possessed to help you out. Because his life is so low, any very powerful move might 0HKO or 2HKO it.