This witch lives in a hut deep in the forest. She likes to lure travellers to her hut and engage them in long conversations. After a while, she decides if she likes them or not and proceeds to eat them or protect them forever. Spoiler Alert: She rarely likes anyone at all.

Role: Denier/Curser


Baba Yaga was an amazing denier back in 2017-2018 having Possession, PER, Blind, etc., but now she's middle-tier and also has some flaws. Her speed isn't very fast for a Control anymore and she eats stamina like a Glutton eating their favorite food.


  • Nice gimmicks like Damage Reduction, Blind, Possession, and PER
  • Good trait
  • Skills have decent damage output
  • Low-ish cooldowns


  • Stats are low for today's meta
  • Only nightmares has torture
  • High stamina costs
  • Best skills are AoE, making her weak to Dodge Area
  • Average Relics
  • Lackluster Trait

Recommended Moveset

Summoner of Skulls!

  • Yaga's Curse (AoE 40 Earth dmg + Blind + PER, 41s, 2 CD)
  • Ancient Wisdom (50 Special dmg + Possession, 28s, 2 CD)
  • Kid Eater / Baba's Torment (Kid for AoE 45 Earth dmg + Damage Reduction + Negate Healing, 44s, 2 CD) / (Baba's for single 55 special dmg + per + blind)
  • Forest Kidnapper (AoE 35 Special dmg + Possession + Nightmares, 37s, 3 CD)

Use Forest Kidnapper as the first move, as it's a multi-Possession skill that also applies Nightmares. If there's a healer on the opposing team, use Kid Eater as your second move since it applies Negate Healing to all enemies, making the healer useless as Negate Healing prevents the healer from healing their team. Yaga's Curse removes positive effects from all enemies and also gives Blind, which is very useful against monsters that buff their team constantly like Neobuki and Goldfield, or Tanks that give themselves positive effects like Sergeant Hull Head. Since the team will be immobilized for a long time, your Attacker should be able to finish them off pretty quickly, if you have a decent one.

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed

Bypassing Dodge Area

  • Baba's Torment (55 Special dmg + Blind + PER, 34s, 1 CD)
  • Ancient Wisdom
  • Rotten Blue Rose (60 Earth dmg + Damage Reduction + Negate Healing, 33s, 1 CD)

Recommended Relics: Pumpseed's Staff, Gakora's Staff; Cane of the Atlantis


  • From Damage Reduction to Possession, Baba Yaga's status effects can be really annoying. Monsters that remove negative effects like Belbreath and Mirak can be useful to take care of her pesky effects.
  • Since she can still be stunned or frozen, deniers like Krampus and Caillech can shut her down for a couple turns.
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