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Hello, and welcome to the Basic Meta Guide. In this page, we'll go over some important things to know to get better at understanding the always-changing Monster Legends meta.

What is a Meta?

A meta (or metagame) is defined as what works in a game and what doesn't. If we apply this to Monster Legends, we see that in Legendary only battles, monsters like Grakon, Santerion, Wyrmlad, and Warmaster Thalassa are meta, while monsters like Nebotus and Lagerchaun aren't. The reason for that is because the first batch of monsters have way better movesets, traits, and stats compared to the last two. A meta really just is what works compared to what doesn't. If something is very effective, it's meta. If it isn't, it's not meta.

Number 1: Mega Taunt

One thing that is extremely important in any Monster Legends meta is Mega Taunt. If you don't know, Mega Taunt is an effect where every single attack by the other team will be directed to that monster. Even attacks that hit all enemies will only hit the monster with Mega Taunt. As such, getting a monster with Mega Taunt is obviously going to help in PvP or wars. However, the best Mega Taunt monsters are the ones who start the match with it. This is known as Status Caster: Mega Taunt, or SC: MT (Only 2 monsters have Mega Taunt permanently, and those are Santerion and Pangoliath). This means that even if the other team gets a turn in before you do, all the attacks will be directed to the Mega Taunt monster. Monsters who have access to Mega Taunt but don't start with it aren't half as good, as they do not protect the team at all until they get a turn in and they can give themselves Mega Taunt, but by then, your team will have died.

Number 2: PER (Positive Effects Removal)

Since Mega Taunt is in every battle at high leagues, a monster who has PER is very helpful. PER stands for Positive Effect Removal, and if the PER monster goes first, they can use their PER move to completely remove Mega Taunt from the other team, so the attackers, cursers, and/or deniers can use their moves against the whole team. A monster with a PER move that also gives them an extra turn is a amazing move, and will usually be used.

Number 3: Pierce

Monsters with Pierce will usually be the best attackers from their generations. Pierce is an effect where an attack will go through any defensive effect. It'll go through Area Dodge, Skill/Damage Mirror, and most importantly, Mega Taunt. Monsters with Pierce will go through Mega Taunt, and since Mega Taunt is everywhere, Pierce monsters will usually be used. Unlike Mega Taunt monsters, some monsters don't start with Pierce, but apply it and remove it when using certain attacks.

Number 4: Area Dodge

Ever since Area Dodge was implemented, it's always been an incredibly powerful effect. Area Dodge is an effect/trait where the monster cannot be hit by AoE attacks, or attacks that hit all enemies. They can only be hit with single target attacks. It just so happens that another trait in the game is Taunt, where all single hit attacks will go towards them. You can probably already see the strategy: Taunt + Area Dodge, which makes the Area Dodge monster basically untouchable until the Taunt monster dies or is trait disabled. As such, Area Dodge monsters are usually good, as they can attack without fearing being hit by a powerful AoE attack.

Number 5: Relics

One of the most important thing to have to be considered good in Monster Legends are relics. Relics are very important in battles as they trigger stuff when something happens. Some relics are more support focused, like recovering stamina/health for the user or for the team, while others are more offensive focused, like dealing damage or upping the power of the user. A monsters relic slots can really make or break them, as good relic slots, while not making a terrible monster the best one ever, will certainly help. On the opposite side, a great monster can really be held back by their relic slots. The best relics you can get for your monsters are Diamond relics. While Obsidian relics are amazing, none of them are currently craftable, so it's easier to craft Diamond relics, as a lot of them are still very viable in high league battles. One of the most important relics is Uriel's Essence, and the reason it's so important is because it revives the wearer when it dies, which is obviously very helpful for battles. Since Diamond and Obsidian relics have names of monsters to identify them, they usually work better on that monster, as the relic was made around that monster in mind. One last thing: for certain monster types, there's a relic made for that type of monster. For example, Sword works best on an attacker, as most swords deal damage and increase the wearers power. Staff and Amulet are good for deniers, as a lot of them drain stamina, so the denier can deny while also stamina draining at the same time. Armor and Shield work best on tanks, as those relics give a lot of armor to the wearer, so the wearer can survive longer. Finally, Banner is good on supports, as a lot of Banners focus around supporting the team.

Number 6: Obscure Talents

Obscure Talents are like relics but slightly different. You receive a random one every time you rank up a different Corrupted to rank 1. What sets Obscure Talents apart from relics is that you can have both relics and a Obscure Talent all on one monster. Obscure Talents only work on Corrupteds though, as the option doesn't show up for any other type of monster. They also function different as some can apply a status effect (Burning Hands applies Burn, Static Shock applies Shock), one can remove positive effects from enemies (Dispelling Fist), another can remove negative effects from the wearer (Sin Eater), and one special Obscure Talent gives access to an extra turn (Unrelenting Assault). Now, at the time of writing, we haven't seen too many Talents, as they're pretty new. However, I'm sure they'll get better and better, just like how relics do.

Number 7: Other Good Traits

Monster Legends has a ton of traits, and a lot of them are good. Here's some more examples of great traits. First up, we have Immune to Control, which does just as it sounds: the monster is completely immune to every single control effect, be it Stun, Freeze, Possession, Corruption, Time Stop, Baby Reversion, and all their Mega versions. Unless you use Trait Disable to remove their trait, the monster is uncontrollable. Another good trait that's similar is Immune to Torture. The monster who has it is completely immune to any torture effects (Burn, Ignite, Poison, Drowned, Bleed, Nightmares, Quicksand, Sunburn, Shock, and Nanovirus). Since there are teams who rely on tortures to win, these monsters are a huge blockade to that strategy. Another very good trait is Anticipation, which shook up the meta way back when VoltaiK was meta. When a monster uses an extra turn, the monster with Anticipation will do a move before the extra turn kicks in. Obviously, this stops spam attackers immensely because they won't be able to do their extra turns unless they want to give up a turn to the other team. Anticipation also stops Unrelenting Assault users from destroying your whole team. True Vision doubles the monster's precision, so they won't miss anything. Super useful against monsters with Hardened, Tough, and Bulwark. Resurrection Block blocks monsters from doing resurrection moves, which is niche but can be really deadly if the team they're fighting has resurrection, because they simply can't use it. Artifact makes the monster immune to everything. Tortures, Control effects, everything. The only problem with that is they can't receive buffs like Damage Boosts or Precision. There's even more traits out there that are good, but these are the great ones that make a monster stand out from others.