If you bring Basthet to your island, she will become a major protector of your monsters. She is fair and joyful but she will go to all lengths to defend her teammates.

Role: Support

Overview Edit


  • Strong skills
  • Good trait
  • AoE Stun and Damage Reduction
  • Her special skill is Dark-type and can be useful against other Earth-monsters
  • Team Double Life
  • Great life


  • Weak against Freeze, Possession, and torture status effects
  • Cooldowns will hinder her in time
  • Shield Break is her biggest fear
  • Needs more love on R34

Recommended Moveset Edit

  • Chalice of Life (Team Double Life [2 turns], 3-turn CD)
  • Sinai Protection (Team 50% Shield [2 turns], 3-turn CD)
  • Hyksos Strike (AoE 35 Earth dmg + Stun, 3-turn CD)
  • Badarian Curse (45 Special dmg + AoE 50% chance of Damage Reduction, 2-turn CD) / Karnak Shield (120% Shield for an ally, 3-turn CD) (Tank + Double Life + this move = DAAAAAAAAAAMN)
  • Recommended Runes: 3 Team Life; 2 Team Life, 1 Team Power

Counters Edit

Her shields are annoying, so she must be your main target in battle. If you want to bring her down, you definitely need fast freeze users to block her before she can build shields or double life (or possess her to get all dem shields) and a Dark-type attacker which can deal big damage. Barbatos or General Nishant should work well against her. Krampus can do both, so he can hinder her ability. Status effect removal is very useful too, so use it.