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Blackfeather was Captain Copperbeard's beloved pet parrot until he got lost in a massive storm of Stardust which caught his spaceship while it was sailing through outer space. Blackfeather was devoured by the Stardust and then reborn as a Cosmic Spirit! If he can find his way back to the spaceship, he'll become the new flagship member of the crew.

Role: Denier


Blackfeather is a good Magic denier that utilizes Blinds and Possession to shut his opponents down. He has a single target 0 CD Total Blind + Possession that's spammable, an AoE Possession, he can apply Curse to his opponents and Regen his own Stamina at the same time, and one of his skills even gives an opponent an Extra Turn, which when paired up with an Anticipation ally, makes for an incredible combo. He has really nice Speed, a decent trait, and good Relic Slots on top of everything else. Essence gives him a 2nd life with Uriel's, and Amulet can allow him to deny further with Sherezar's. Be wary that a lot of his best skills don't deal damage, so if you run Sherry's Amulet make sure to also put on one of his damaging skills to activate it.


  • Two forms of denial in Possession and Total Blind
  • Great speed
  • Low cooldowns
  • Good relic slots
  • Synergizes well with Anticipation by giving enemy extra turns
  • Can restore his stamina to counter his high stamina costs
  • Has a great 0 CD skill, meaning he's fine against CDA
  • Has a Dark Skill as a Magic Monster


  • Average life
  • Easily denied
  • Mediocre trait besides SC
  • High stamina costs on best moves
  • Most of his best skills don't deal damage, making Amulet not as useful
  • Possession and Total Blind don't have great synergy

Recommended Moveset

Walking In The Plank Matey!

  • Blind Parrot (Possession + Total Blind, 32s, 0 CD)
  • Loa Manager (AoE Possession, 59s, 2 CD)
  • Soulfagus / Damned Feathers (Soulfagus for AoE Curse + Self 25% Stamina Restore + Stamina Regeneration, 30s, 1 CD) / (Feathers for 35 Magic dmg + AoE Curse, 48s, 0 CD)
  • Flying Spirit (Possession + Total Blind + Extra Turn, 56s, 2 CD)

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed

Recommended Relics: Sherezar's Amulet, Alces' Amulet, Tayni's Amulet; Uriel Essence

Recommended Allies

Common Set-Ups

  • Blackfeather / Hardy / Bombeta (Or Shelly instead of Bombeta) :This combo is great, because Blackfeather can give an extra turn to an enemy. Hardy's anticipation will activates and he can kill the enemies or can buff himself. Bombeta or Shelly's job is to protect the other two monsters.

Runes: Blackfeather: 3 Speed. Hardy: 2 Strength 1 Team Speed. Bombeta / Shelly: 3 Team Speed / 1 Life 2 Team Speed.

  • Blackfeather / Chuckle Muckel / Hardy: This combo relies on Blackfeather activating anticipation on Chuckle and Hardy. Chuckle can cleanse positive or negative effects or even apply a pyrophobic shield to the whole team. Hardy is then open to attack the enemy team.

Runes: Blackfeather: 3 Speed. Hardy: 2 Strength 1 Team Speed. Chuckle Muckel: 3 Team Speed.


  • Since he doesn't have any immunities as a trait, you can use faster deniers like Lindworm and Slugazoid to deny him.
  • Monsters with Torture Immunity like Kodama and Tabora can block Blackfeather's curse skill. Kodama can also apply Control Immunity to itself, making his Possessions useless, since he doesn't have PER.
  • Monsters with NER, like Ignis, Tabora and Fampirastral can easily remove his debuffs.
  • Strong nature attackers like Dratis may be able to take him out due to the elemental advantage. Beware of his Total Blind though.