• GD Wingson

    Grand Duels Ranks

    March 25, 2020 by GD Wingson

    OP... Rubellus,  Wang Zhou ,  Hookuai,   Nisael


    Kronx,  Dunn Ra,   Wickah,   Ugluk ,  Mirak ,  PZ Ronin ,  WM Gortak


    Neobuki ,  Sammy PC,   Nikasia ,  Rekka,   Nitro ,  Gorg ,  Frazerot ,  Xiron Ruby, Draghar, Synaptikus, Helguidin


    Oreilly,   Ingenica


    Marquis de Flambe , Faraday,  Makugan


    Sunblast,  Clipeum,  Kronxian Gaurd,  Zieghar,  Devastress


    Olnir,  Koralle, Brutalis,  Silverleaf , Lighterium,  Cain , Gualgui, Charmless, Zyla


    Zombic,  Llum IL , Wasper , Rociuko,  Lucifire HF,  Positron , Mop


    Hydratilla,  Qinling,  Talos FA , Dungeon Master,  Zizania,


    Gurlik,  Eeltron , Ursus


    Yedra,  Timerion

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  • Goatofthefuture

    5: Wyrmlad I believe this spot belongs to Wyrmlad for his excellent trait. The trait dodge area plus celestial is a great combo as he won't get hit by any AOE moves so running him with a taut or megataunt monster spells out trouble for the opposite team expecially because the can't to AOE or you'll dodge them and they can't single target because of the taunt monster.

    4:Urtikus I choose Urtikus for this spot mostly because his Control Immunity makes it so that he cannot be controlled in anyway execpt CDA, TDR, Total Blind. He also has anticipation countering extra-turners like Rekka and Voltaik which can be deadly without anticipation and he also counter deniers like Thundeer who TD the enemy and then give themselves an extra turn he could c…

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  • Goatofthefuture

    What I think this place is like in word is Unique.

    I've been here a long time heck one of the first comments on the viabilty ranking is mine.

    I have been blocked for putting rubbish in zombic but I am a new man now .

    I do play ML and do not like Mythics I am level 81 in the team Brains of MLCW so feel free to friend me.

    My favorite monsters are Draghar, Lord Pumpseed, and Ugluk. 

    • Shadowstorm48: Has helped me and from what I have seen many people in many ways from simple mistakes to overhaulung pages he has also done much for this community mostly good.
    • Yoshijr: I feel like you are the biggest brain here and you were kind of toxic/singleminded at first but now your great and now your a Bureaucrat which is a huge step ahead from what you were
    • Fallb…

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  • Cynically1nsane

    The purpose of this post is to detail different ideas for PVP teams and explain how they would function. I'm a huge competitive nut when it comes to ML, and as such, dedicate a lot of free time to researching and building different sets that I think could compete against the meta. This will be the first post in a series of posts reviewing sets that I come up with while doing research into different monsters. While I may be able to test out some of these sets, I may not have the monsters to test every single one I come up with, so bear with me, as I may talk hypotheticals for a lot of these ideas. If you have any ideas for sets, please post them down below. I'd love to take a look at them. Please remember this is all speculation, so if you …

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  • Kyrem13

    Remember that post Williamw6547 made? The PvP usage data one? Well, new seasons means new usage. So I wanted to compile the latest season's usage data and tally up what monsters were getting the most usage all the way down to the little guys who may have had one person using them. This is going to be data taken from the Top 100 players to make it as accurate to the season as possible, and I do wanna try to make one of these for every season so as to keep everyone in the loop. As the PaH Season 1 is nearing its end and it is the final day of the season, I figured it'd be good to compile this data at this exact time.

    So let's just jump right into it,

    This is the compilation of all the monsters that saw 50 or more players using them. These mons…

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  • Darkeologist


    comment something funny

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  • Yoshijr

    My Experience Here

    March 12, 2020 by Yoshijr

    So this is basically what Tasty did in his most recent blog post, but instead it is my take on how my experiences were and isn't a farewell. So without further ado, here we go as we take a lot into my long history with the wiki.

    The Monster Legends Community is, how do I put this? Well it's interesting. It's probably the 2nd most toxic community I have ever seen just behind the Smash Community. People in this community will literally criticize you for thinking a monster is better than it actually is and they will just lay it into you by calling you brain dead, stupid or saying that your opinion doesn't matter. I once saw someone tell another person to sell there Eisul because they thought it was funny. The person sold it and the person that…

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  • Williamw6547

    My Mythical Ranking

    March 11, 2020 by Williamw6547

    I've decided to write this because number one I'm very bored. Number two I'm also very bored. And finally, it's because I just want to say my opinion. 

    1: Froma ... It's pretty obvious. She's the fastest mythical so far and is the only one that has access to trait disable. Because she has this she can keep up with the current meta. (Well partly at least.) She has decent support skills like team NER and a rip-off of Gakora's lord of beginnings. Bruh she even has AoE PER! She fits into the meta much better than the other mythic

    2. Armel is number two. Her trait legit counters every mythic monster except Froma. She has the highest attacks stat in the game so far. What makes her better than Armor Claw? Honestly, armor claws trait may  be slight…

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  • Pro Master666

    1. Abyss Bottom, Warmaster Thalassa: No explanation needed.

    2. St George's Apprentice, Wyrmlad. Ok, ok, I know this will get a ton of criticism, but I personally believe Wyrmlad's Rez Skill deserves the title of 2nd best skill in the game, despite the amount of counters that there are for the skill. However, for conventional monsters, deniers, cursers, and other monsters, it's virtually impossible for them to get to the monster Wyrmlad revives, which is basically the whole point of a rez skill, right? Anyway, I know a lot of you will be saying that the skill really isn't as good, and is countered by a lot of monsters, but name at least 5 monsters that don't have pierce(pierce basically counters anything, so it really doesn't count)that c…

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  • Quaggled

    Top 10 Deny Skills

    March 6, 2020 by Quaggled

    • Zimnyaya - Coldtober Revolution (AoE Freeze + 50% Stamina Removal, 90s, 4 CD) 
    • Sunblast - Stop, It's Firetime! (AoE CDA + Sunburn, 42s, 3 CD)
    • Silverleaf - Nonviolent Disobedience (Team NER + AoE Daze + AoE 75% Stamina removal, 25s, 2 CD)
    • Pierceid - Sit And Lose (AoE CDA + 3-turn Death Countdown, 35s, 3 CD)
    • Mirak - I Must Scream (AoE 30 Metal dmg + Metal Weakness + Random Control Effect, 42s, 3 CD)

    The Red Death (AoE 35 Earth dmg + CDA + Ignite + Daze, 32s, 4 CD) Does 35 Earth damage to all enemies, activates cooldowns on all enemies, and applies ignite and daze to all enemies. The only issues are the high cooldown, no counter to area dodge, and no PER. The stamina cost is great, but its just not the most useful deny. Still, this skill is decent…

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  • Epikart

    I've spoken before about individual "best attacking moves" in the game, and I feel like now is a good time to make an actual version of that ranking. Please remember, this takes into account the move, and the move itself. If the monster who owns it is complete trash or cannot use it well at all, that is not taken into account. This is also for Single-Target moves only. AoE moves may get their own list, but for now, this is about Single-Target.

    Barbatos may be a cruddy attacker, but you have to admit, there's a reason he used to be famous. His signature Master of Pain starts this list with a bang, dealing the highest damage amount in the entire game, at a horrifying 90 Dark dmg. In addition, it, like many moves on this list, has no cooldown,…

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  • Quaggled


    March 4, 2020 by Quaggled

    there's 669 pages

    haha funny number

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  • Pro Master666


    8. Grakon/Thundeer:

    7. Rubellus/Eisul:

    5. Santerion:

    4. Lord Pumpseed:

    3. Warmaster Ragnarok:

    2. Wyrmlad:

    1. Warmaster Thalassa:

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  • Epikart

    The real Viability Ranking, as y'all know, is based on monsters at Rank 5. This is because more modern Legendaries have Evolving Traits that improve as they get ranks, and any monster of a special caste, such as Elites and Forsakens, has 4 moves locked behind their ranks. Because of this, unranked monsters are very, very different from their ranked counterparts, usually being much worse without a majority of their trait or their best moves. This blog post will go over where I believe a monster would be on the Ranking if it was based on their unranked abilities.

    Hornet: OP- to SS

    Unranked Changes

    Trait: Hardened

    Moveset: Unchanged

    Hornet takes a pretty huge fall without his ranked up trait. The loss of Area Dodge and Anticipation absolutely kill h…

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  • TastyCaik

    I Quit

    February 26, 2020 by TastyCaik

    WIP or whatever

    DISCLAIMER: This is not some sob story on why I'm leaving, instead, I'll be explaining my experience here, the game in general, my "mutuals" and how they treated me and I to them, and the wiki.

    Damn where to start. 🤔 Alright, so I, TastyCaik aka TastyCake aka Tasty aka Cake aka Caik, am done with this shit. The game, the community, the wiki, all of it. There’s a lot of stuff I got to say before I leave, so here it is.

    When I originally started playing many years ago, it was aight but I got bored, I come back to Elites, Nemesis, and Warmasters, so yeah it was very exclusive but somewhat doable. But then they just haaaaaad to make Forsakens, that ruined a lot of the game for me but I barely clinged on. Then Mythics. Yeah that wa…

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  • GD Wingson

    GD Top 10

    February 25, 2020 by GD Wingson
    3. GRAKON
    8. MIRAK
    9. KRONX


    1. WYRMLAD
    3. HORNET
    5. WICKAH
    6. NISAEL
    7. NIKASIA
    9. LUM MM


    2. HOOKUAI
    3. UGLUK
    4. URTIKUS
    5. GORG
    6. GORTAK
    9. NITRO
    10. RONIN


    1. EISUL
    2. SANTA
    4. CLIPEUM
    5. KORALLE
    6. DUNN RA
    7. HYPERIA
    9. NEOBUKI


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  • Santerion

    Elite Viability Ranking

    February 24, 2020 by Santerion

    Welcome to the Elite Viability Rank! These are all Elite monsters from A to C. The ranks are based off PVP, and not team wars or battleground. Enjoy!


    Monsters are not ordered on how good they are in each rank, and are not organized in any way other than their rankings in their tiers.

    By far the best Elite monsters in the game. These monsters are highly recommended on any team looking for viable picks. 




    Still really great monsters, but cut the A tier due to worst stats or the meta being not so nice to them. Still decently viable picks, but not as viable in the upper ranks.


    Dunn Ra




    By far the worst Elite monsters in the entire game. They aren't viable picks, and shouldn't be used on a any m…

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  • Santerion

    O’Reilly Fan Club

    February 24, 2020 by Santerion

    Welcome to the O'Reilly fan club page! This is a club dedicated to the Awesome Leprechaun that is O'Reilly. To apply in the comments, you must know the following:

    • How did O'Reilly get envolved in the dungeons?
    • Who's O'Reilly's brother?
    • What is O’Reillys special skill called?

    I hope whoever applies makes it into the club, and good luck! 🍀 

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  • Shadowstorm48

    I think WookieThere had a really cool idea with his class tier list or whatever he called it, but there’s a bunch of things I would change based on my own opinions, so I decided to make my own. Not saying his is wrong or anything, but I felt like saying my lists here. (Btw this is also my first blog post so idk if I’m doing this right). I’ll explain my choices if anyone wants me to. For right now I’m only including monsters who have already been ranked on the VR.

    • A denier is a monster focused on being fast and using denial skills like possession, cda, stamina removal, stun, etc. to deny the opponent of turns. Many monsters have a skill that can apply a denial effect, but these monsters have multiple denial skills and make that their strate…

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  • S1lentS0und2

    The generals/bodyguards/pets in Monster Legends. They all have the Tough trait (except Alces Pet), which means that all status effects have 35% less accuracy against them. This is an upgrade of Hardened, which only has 20% less accuracy. WIP

    • Holter's Bodyguard
    • Nishant's Bodyguard

    • Nishant's Pet
    • Thetys' Pet

    • General Atum
    • General Ingvar
    • General Thetys
    • Shannara's Bodyguard

    • Shannara's Bodyguard

    • Alces' Bodyguard
    • Alces' Pet
    • Atum's Bodyguard
    • General Darmith
    • General Uria
    • Shannara's Pet

    • Atum's Pet
    • Darmith's Bodyguard
    • General Alces
    • General Holter

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  • WookieThere

    Wassup, boys. I'll stop editing Grakon to the top of the page for now, I'll just accept that you will see that I am right when the time comes. But in the mean time, I will post here (and maybe update it, I dunno how blog posts work) the monsters that I consider the top ten in each class. So, yeah, please read on. 


    1. Wildbird

    2. Ugluk/Hookuai

    3. WM Ragnarok

    4. Gorg

    5. WM Gortak

    6. Wyrmlad

    7. Nitroblaster/Cain

    8. Zunobia

    9. Warthak (Light and Dark)

    10. Makugan

    This was hard to decide on, but Ultimately I went for Pierce, PER, and Life Removal over other things. WIldbird is completely broken with pierce and thunder waekness, and his 80 thunder damage move, so he went first. Then I put both Ugluk and Hookuai together because they are equally as…

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  • Applepie0127

    Hi everyone, it's Applepie0127s goodbye message, this text won’t criticize any wiki members or the RC like some other goodbye messages, since i am quite happy with the current situation

    I am the newest and 5th admin on the wiki, if you don’t know, i just got elected a week ago., i will like to resign as admin only after a week of me being elected and leave this wiki(maybe temporarily) . Even though i have fought for admin for a long time now, i will still resign, so i am sincerely sorry for the admins who voted. Well the reason I leave is because I am quite busy in real life in the current situation, and I am quite bored of the game. So i will still play the game but stop on the site.

    After one and a half year on the site, tbh I am quite hap…

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  • Pixelion nr1

    Hi guys,

    you can send your own re_designed skin from a monster in monster legends in this blog. I will also make some of my own

    Please comment what you think of the idea and if there should be any changes.


    No sexual looking designs

    Dont make your own monster, although that would be very creative of you but this is supose to be a redesignd monster from the game.

    Have fun.

    You can use: 



    Or just with paper and pencil if your that passionate about it.

    You can send them right below:

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  • Williamw6547

    PvP Usage Data

    February 6, 2020 by Williamw6547

    Here is the data of Monster usage in PvP. Taking the top 100 players of certain seasons we compile it into data.

    ++ Disclaimer ++

    Data here should be not taken as rankings for the monsters. This is merely just the data of monsters in Pvp. Keep in mind percentage is out of all of the total monsters surveyed. (692.)

    Number 1: Warmaster Ragnarok is no surprise as number one on this list. He is mostly used in multiplayer defense teams for being an amazing anticipater. Great stats and an amazing move pool is the reason why he's the number one most used monster.

    Usage #: 86

    Percentage: 12%

    Number 2: Lord Pumpseed is an amazing denier, with skills that are just amazing. There are too many good things about him. His skills are good, his stats are good, hi…

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  • SomeAzureMinesGuy

    The Real Azure

    February 5, 2020 by SomeAzureMinesGuy

    idk how to delete this

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  • Yoshijr

    Hi there! I wanted to create this to show what I think the Viability Ranking would look like if it was solely based on the usefulness of a monster in the meta rather than how good a monster is in general and how useful they are. I'm only gonna show monsters that I believe would have a change in position, so if I didn't include a monster that means they would stay in the same rank. Keep in mind that this is just my opinion on this.

    Warmaster Sherezar: SS+ --> SS He's a great monster overall, but this PvP meta just isn't good for him. He can't deny Area Dodge monsters which are everywhere, he can't stop monsters like Santerion or Trait Disable in general when its basically a necessity for deniers in the meta, he removes Positive effects from …

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  • Enypiast

    Debate Forum

    February 4, 2020 by Enypiast

    Welcome to the Debate Forum! This is a Forum where people can start debates, and people in the comments can reply to them on why they think their right or wrong. (EX: Gualgui is worse than Saulot because [Reasoning] and that’s why Gualgui is worse than Saulot).

    • Debate topics must not contain any really inappropriate content, or target someone in a specific way.
    • All debate topics must be related to monster legends, and no silly to non defendable debate topics are allowed (EX: VoltaiK is better than Zunobia because etc.).
    • People who violate the rules several times will not be allowed to post debate topics for a week.
    • Be nice to peoples opinions in the comments. Anyone who provokes another person and their opinion will be banned from the page fo…

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  • Epikart

    Okay, so you remember my analysis of Control Effects a while back? Yeah, think that, but now with Protection Effects.

    But first, a basic analysis of protection in general. Protection Effects are specific status effects that protect the monster from certain moves or effects. These effects are generally applied by Support and Tank monsters, as they're meant to keep the monster and their team away from harm. Some of these effects can also come in the form of Traits, making them a nearly permanent aspect of the monster and a big problem to deal with. Most of them have big differences from each other, too, so let's take a look at them all.

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  • TastyCaik

    Disclaimer: I'm not ranking Mythics cause fuck that.

    • Hornet
    • Wangzhou
    • Gakora

    Restricted to monsters that are just plain broken or just legit unbeatable 

    • Uriel

    Restricted to monsters that are extremely powerful beings and few could actually stand a chance.

    • Hookuai 
    • Kronx
    • Lord Pumpseed
    • Pierceid
    • Saulot
    • Warmaster Ragnarok

    Restricted to monsters with skill far above average being able to defeat destroy idk a city or take over a country.

    • Clipeum
    • Crabbydroid
    • Devastress
    • Draghar
    • Eisul
    • Faraday
    • Grakon
    • Llum
    • Mirak
    • Nisael
    • Nitroblaster
    • Olnir
    • Rubellus
    • Samael
    • Santerion
    • Sunblast
    • Thundeer
    • Volthar
    • Warmaster Babari
    • Warmaster Elvira
    • Warmaster Gortak
    • Warmaster Sherezar
    • Warmaster Thalassa
    • Warmaster Zahra
    • Warthak
    • Wickah
    • Wildbird
    • Wyrmlad
    • Xiron

    Restricted to monsters that are above average and could defeat ev…

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  • Epikart

    Just a general comparison of all different control effects in the game, made as if being read by a beginner. I may do something like this for other effects, but right now, it can't really be much simpler to understand than that.

    But first, a basic analysis of control in general. Control Effects are specific status effects that are meant to make a monster lose their turn, whether it be by making them Recharge instead of using their moves, making using their moves useless, or even just plain removing their turn. Control Effects are extremely popular in the competitive Monster Legends meta, as making your foes lose their turns is essential to keeping your own monsters from going down. Control Effects are most commonly used by a category of mon…

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  • Epikart

    Monster Legends Records

    January 17, 2020 by Epikart

    I always feel like I have to put a really long explanation of what this page is every time I make a blog post, but you already know what it is from the title, so here's part of the Bee Movie script instead. According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way a bee should be able to fly. Its wings are too small to get its fat little body off the ground. The bee, of course, flies anyway, because bees don't care what humans think is impossible. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Yellow, black. Ooh, black and yellow! Let's shake it up a little. Barry! Breakfast is ready! Coming! Hang on a second. Hello? Barry? Adam? Can you believe this is happening? I can't. I'll pick you up. Looking sharp. Use the stairs. Your father paid good…

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  • Kyrem13

    Quest Monster Rankings

    January 17, 2020 by Kyrem13

    Yah, as the title states. This is more of a personal list and how I feel about all the current Quest mons. I'll try to update this list as time passes and we get new Quest mons. But for now, this is as of the release of Frazerot. If you have any questions as to why I put certain ones in certain places, just ask. And yes, I'm going to try to be taking BOTH the Arena and Team Wars/Battlegrounds gameplay styles into account when ranking so my personal list isn't just "hurr durr Mishka high rank cuz design cool". Also, just to clarify, I am ordering them in each rank by alphabetical order. It's like how the regular Viability Ranking is structured, this isn't the order in which I think they're better.

    • Clipeum
    • Froma
    • Madam Fusion
    • Mephisto
    • Pierceid

    • Deva…

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  • KangarooBoi

    Monster Legends Memes

    January 14, 2020 by KangarooBoi

    Hi and welcome to the Monster Legends Memes page! Here you can add your own Monster Legends memes and turn this empty space into a bruh moment! Post Your Memes Below!

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  • CanadianCrayon


    January 9, 2020 by CanadianCrayon

    Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night, I can feel my leg... And my arm... even my fingers... The body I've lost... the comrades I've lost... won't stop hurting... It's like they're all still there. You feel it, too, don't you? I'm gonna make them give back our past!

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  • Applepie0127

    Hi, this is Applepie0127's list of the best monsters in each element as of febuary of 2020 (only there performance in PVP), the list is made in January of 2020 and I will try to update the list every now and then, keep in mind, this list is based on mine opinions. This page will cover every element in the game(including special), every element will also include 5 honorable mentions.

    Note: This page is not done yet, so stuff might change.

    Last edited: 2020-02-16 Anouncement: i will leave the wiki so this page will no longer be updated.

    Honorable mentions

    • Wickah(ss+)
    • Silverleaf(ss+)
    • O'Reilly(ss+)
    • Rebelleus(op-)
    • Urtikus(undranked)

    Best nature monster: Grakon(op-)

    Grakon is the newest nature monster in the game, his the only elite nature monster in the …

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  • TastyCaik

    Traits Ranking

    January 6, 2020 by TastyCaik

    • Dodge Area
    • Control Immunity
    • Mega Taunt
    • Pierce
    • Positive Effects Protected 
    • Warmaster Elvira 's Trait
    • Warmaster Ragnarok 's Trait
    • Warmaster Remntar 's Trait 
    • Warmaster Sherezar 's Trait

    • Abomination
    • Anticipation
    • Cooldown Protection
    • Faraday 's Trait 
    • Mountain
    • Taunt
    • Trait Protection
    • True Vision
    • Warmaster Babari 's Trait 
    • Warmaster Necromancer 's Trait
    • Warthak's Trait

    • All Hater Traits
    • Artifact
    • Gravedigger
    • Nadiel 's Trait
    • Resurrection Block
    • Spirit
    • Talos ' Trait
    • Torture Immunity
    • Tough
    • Warmaster Barbael 's Trait
    • Warmaster Zahra's Trait
    • Water Protection
    • Xiron's Trait

    • Celestial  
    • Demon
    • Hydratila 's Trait
    • Increased Total Life
    • Lucifire 's Trait
    • Orc

    • Freeze Immunity
    • Hardened
    • Possession Immunity
    • Stun Immunity

    • Blind Immunity
    • Ignite and Burn Immunity
    • Sudden Death Immunity
    • Super Attuned

    • Bleed Immunity
    • Bur…

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  • TastyCaik

    Restricted to members that are complete garbage and it’s a surprise they ever made it.

    • PKAGuil
    • SomeAzureMinesGuy
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  • Yoshijr

    So, I decided to rank all the legendary monsters in the Dragons Book by how I think they would perform in a Dragons Team War. I ranked them from OP to F. When ordered in the tiers, they are not ordered in any specific order; it's just a random order in each tier, so just because one monster is higher than another in the same tier doesn't mean that that monster is better than the other. So let's get started.

    • Wyrmlad
    • Ugluk
    • O'Reilly
    • Draghar
    • Grakon

    • Warmaster Babari
    • Pierceid
    • Lucifire the Hopefreezer
    • Nadiel the Flooder
    • Nadiel the Pyromancer
    • Talany

    • Drakor
    • Kihaku
    • Nadiel the Deforestator
    • Lucifire the Helltaser
    • Granuy
    • Viperhotep
    • Treetopog

    • Lucifire the Lifemelter
    • Zameleon
    • Mountezuma
    • Ihtiander
    • Darmith's Bodyguard

    • Grumpex
    • Petro Loa
    • Vodyanoy
    • Frostwrath
    • Predagelum
    • Ixofex

    • Clivia
    • Alpha …

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  • Epikart

    Starter Duels Idea

    December 24, 2019 by Epikart

    So I had an idea for a new type of Duel. Specifically, this kind of duel is similar to Classic Duels, but comprised instead of monsters around the low A tiers to mid/high B tiers. These duels would have the monsters at level 100 just the same, and retain the level 6 runes, but the rewards are much less valuable. However, in return, it's much easier to join these duels in the first place. Unlike Classic Duels, Special Skills are also enabled during these duels.

    Price of admission: 4 Starter Duel Tokens / 500,000 Gold

    How to obtain tokens: You will get 2 Starter Duel Tokens for the completion of the Daily Missions "Buy Lab Cells", "Craft Runes", "Explore Dungeons", and "Fight in PvP".

    Once you lose twice, your duels are over, and you gain rewar…

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  • AlphaOmega496

    An ode to a legend

    December 18, 2019 by AlphaOmega496

    Hey everyone! It's me.... again.

    As you may know, this wiki has been under quite some drama over the past year. The ancient admin going inactive, MangoStarco taking over the wiki and going inactive too, and then comes me. Some random user from the internet, whom the wiki placed its trust in to be its leader.

    But the curse struck again, and here I am, telling you I'm leaving the wiki... for good.

    I'm sorry. I really am. But over two years ago, I uninstalled Monster Legends, not finding the interest to play the game anymore, but still active on the wiki. But now, I don't feel any connection any more to this world... and I have to leave.

    I'll be giving my bureaucrat status to Guil and Yoshi, whom I trust the most to make the best decisions.

    So, I …

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  • KangarooBoi

    Monster Legends Meta

    December 17, 2019 by KangarooBoi

    Monster legends is a growing community, which means the meta is also growing. These are the best of the best, the most OP, and are recommended on any team out there. Here is, in the Viability Ranking opinions, the top 5 meta monsters in the ENTIRE game. If you want to vote for other monsters to be in the top 5, please do so in the comments. This is just a prototype page right now, until, people start expressing their own opinions on which monster is the best.

    • 1. There is almost nothing that can stop a fully ranked Warmaster Thalassa. By being able to disable trait and remove positive effects before applying mega freeze, she is always able to deny at least 2 opposing monsters at the same time. The ultimate denying machine - Warmaster Thalassa…
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  • Pro Master666


    December 17, 2019 by Pro Master666
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  • Vladimirr45
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  • KangarooBoi


    December 11, 2019 by KangarooBoi

    Hello Gamers

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  • Fallblade

    6 more days

    December 8, 2019 by Fallblade

    6 more days till I'm back from my vacation in China, VPN is pretty slow and is impossible for me to edit on my phone 😔😔 Also kicked from my team for bejng inactive even though I told them I would be overseas so RIP crabbydroid rewards

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  • ProfessionalLoser23

    The title says it all

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  • Pro Master666

    This is a WIP and I used regular format to create it faster:

    Warmaster apprentices:

    They are obtained through both dungeons and heroic dungeons. After completing each dungeon floor, you get half of the orbs in Apprentice souls. You’ll need the equivalent of half of the 2nd floor of that WM’s cost in heroic dungeons to get these souls to unlock these dungeons. After you unlock them, you just have to obtain more Apprentice souls through WM dungeons to unlock each cell node for the Apprentice you are after. They will cost the exact same as half the orbs required to obtain a WM R5 to get Apprentices R5 in Apprentice souls. The dungeons will have the requirement: 3 monsters of this element. And yes, there will be a Ragnarok’s Apprentice.


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  • SomeAzureMinesGuy

    Okay since I need to become popular I need to create blog posts that are better than the rest. Since Pro Master makes these awful (no offense) maze blogs I'm gonna make a better one because I need blog popularity reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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  • SomeAzureMinesGuy

    Okay so I know I added the title as it is and that was stupid. Epikart's is actually taking a turn for the better. Anyway, I'm probably going to do something with this. Idk.

    Best: Warmaster Thalassa/Wyrmlad

    I'm honestly too lazy to see which one is better so I'm just gonna pick both. Thalassa could be/is #1 on my list because she can pretty much deny almost anything ever. She has Trait Disable and PER moves with Extra Turns which can remove most of the enemy team's gimmicks. If she wanted to PER and Trait Disable the entire enemy team she can also run her NER + Freeze Hater skill. Even if the skills cost too much stamina she also has double stamina as an SC. If she doesn't want to go through the entire enemy team and use all of her stamina (…

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  • Pro Master666


    November 24, 2019 by Pro Master666

    Space Travel maze:

    Hello monster masters! There is a new maze event going on, and it’s your lucky chance to get the newest magic forsaken monster: Cycleaner! She is a mega fast support monster who can primarily deactivate cooldowns from allies and simultaneously heal them by double amount! In addition, there will be a limited time path for her in order to get her egg. Please note that her cells will be available in the future, but hurry up and get her now!




    Mr. Flaky.

    (NEW!) Cycleaner

    (Limited time) Cycleaner.(Egg)


    Name: Cycleaner: elements: Special, magic.

    Books: Spirits, adventurers, exclusive, female.

    Relics: Trap/Shield.



    Power: 3,454

    Speed: 3,608


    R0: Positive effects protec…

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