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Dr. Viktor was tasked with the mission of creating a monster who would light the way through a network of dark portals. To craft it, our favorite scientist used the Cells of two of the brightest creatures in Monster Legends: Yntec and Clipeum. He mixed them up with a pinch of Stardust and... Bombeta was born! Is he too pure to be good?

Role: Tank


Bombeta is the first Cosmic tank, and as such, gives an amazing first impression. His best gimmick is easily in his SC: Mega Taunt, allowing him to protect his allies right at the start of every battle. To go with this, he has great Life but also surprisingly good Power, letting him pack a punch with his heavy-hitting skills. Not only is his sustainability good, but he can spread it to his allies with team NER and Regeneration. Additionally, his double Armor relic slots can further sustain but his horrible Speed lets down his cursing abilities. Overall, Bombeta is a great monster to have if you are looking for a well-rounded Mega Taunt Tank.


  • Access to Mega Taunt
  • Good sustaining effects such as NER, Regeneration and Healing
  • Nice accuracy debuffs
  • Great Life and Power for a tank (surprisingly, tied with Hardy)
  • Good relic slots


  • Horrible speed
  • Easily denied
  • Moderate to high stamina costs
  • Mediocre trait besides Status Caster

Recommended Moveset

Spark of an Idea

  • Blinding Punch / The Brightest Villain (Punch for 55 Light dmg + Daze + Sunburn, 59s, 1 CD) / (Villain for AoE Sunburn + Self Taunt, 36s, 2 CD)
  • Warming Light (Team NER + Regeneration, 68s, 3 CD)
  • Solar Flare / Lighting Up The Darkness (Flare for AoE 35 Light dmg + Daze, 56s, 2 CD) / (Lighting for Self NER + Regeneration, 39s, 1 CD)
  • Shine of the Bulb (Self Mega Taunt + 50% Heal, 63s, 3 CD)

Recommended Runes: 1 Life, 2 Team Speed; 2 Life, 1 Team Speed; 3 Team Speed

Recommended Relics: Thetys' Armor, Morgz's Armor, Nebotus' Armor, Atum's Armor

Common Set-Ups

  • Bombeta / Ferrus / Zuperfox: This is a really easy team to use and goes straight to the point - obliterating your opponents. Good ol' Bombeta is there to absorb denial and negative effects, Ferrus then buffs up Zuperfox, then Zuperfox hits with a hard AoE.
  • Runes: Bombeta: 1 Life 2 Team Speed / 3 Team Speed; Ferrus: 2 Speed 1 Team Speed; Zuperfox: 1 Strength 2 Speed.
  • Bombeta / Lindworm / Diegael: The point of this team is to Turn Transfer to Diegael, Diegael uses his Villain Hater, then he uses one of his AoEs to an enemy MT monster, then use that extra turn from the Turn Transfer to deal some serious damage to the enemy. Meanwhile you’re protected by Bombeta so nothing’s gets in the way.
  • Runes: Bombeta; 1 Life 2 Team Speed / 3 Team Speed. Lindworm; 3 Speed / Diegael; 2 Strength 1 Speed

Recommended Allies

  • Ferrus is a great ally because he can apply Photophobic Shield, giving him more survivability.
  • The Dreamer is a good ally due to the fact that she can apply PEP and Evasion to him.


  • Monsters with Pierce like Zuperfox and Rusalka can bypass Bombeta's Mega Taunt.
  • Monsters with PER like Ignis, Tabora, and Fampirastal can remove his Mega Taunt.
  • Kraster with his 30% life removal per enemy can remove 90% of Bombeta’s life if he has Mega Taunt.
  • Monsters that can utilize Control skills other than Total Blind like Lindworm or Master Masher can turn this bulb off from getting a turn in.
  • Strong metal attackers like Vanoss2099 and Roboelf can turn him into to a pile of scrap.

Fun Facts

  • Bombeta is Catalan for "light bulb".