When turn starts, if any ally's Life is below 25%, heals targets by 9,065 - 23,510 points.


The Brave Shield is one of the Gold Shield relics, which gives an ally under 25% health a pretty decent heal when your turn starts. It also has 3 uses, making it very good for healing.


  • Allies can be healed up to 23,510 points
  • 3 Uses


  • Useless against Reverse Healing and Negate Healing
  • Wearer has to be near death to activate it

Recommended Monsters

  • All the viable tanks (with the exclusion of Dunn Ra, Eisul, and Mephisto) can hold a shield relic, making this very useful.
    • Koralle Brutalis works especially well with this relic as he can hold 2 shields.
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