Brutalizer was a gravedigger in Nishant's army. He had to take everything the dead had on them and hand it to his general but, one day, he kept an amber locket for himself and, when Nishant found out, he humiliated him in a way that made Brutalizer lose control and transform into a beast filled with nothing but fury.

Role: Attacker/Tank Hybrid


Brutalizer is a terrifying opponent if you're not prepared. He takes hits and he loves to dish them out all the same. With his high damaging skills, massive Strength stat, and damage boosts he can setup, it's a bad idea to underestimate his destructive power. He's also a great Tank, having the Taunt trait and some solid skills to increase his longevity. With all of this taken into account, Brutalizer is almost always a great fit for most teams.


  • Nice trait
  • Decent self-buffs
  • Great damage output, which is even better with his Double Damage and Damage Boost skills
  • A nice spammable 0s, 0CD skill
  • High skill power
  • Nice Special
  • Low cooldowns
  • Great Power and Life
  • Armor relic slots do help with longevity


  • Only 2 negative effects, one of which is in his special
  • Awful Speed
  • No immunities, so he's easy to deny
  • Double Armor makes Brutalizer's relic options very limited

Recommended Moveset

He Attacc (Attacker)

  • Double Smash (65 Dark dmg, 42s, 1 CD)
  • Muscle Expansion (Self Regeneration + Double Damage, 26s, 2 CD)
  • Merciless Cyclone (AoE 45 dmg + Nightmares, 46s, 2 CD)
  • Amber Overdose / Bruta Warning (Overdose for 40 Physical dmg, 0s, 0 CD) / (Warning for 45 dmg + self Damage Boost, 39s, 1 CD)

He Protecc (Tank)

  • Thorn Guard (self Double Life + 100% Damage Mirror, 26s, 2 CD)
  • Full Counter (self Taunt + Skill Mirror, 36s, 2 CD)
  • Merciless Cyclone
  • Double Smash

Recommended Runes: 3 Strength ; 1 Life, 2 Strength ; 1 Team Speed, 2 Strength

Recommended Relics: Morgz's Armor, Nebotus' Armor, Thetys' Armor


  • A strong Light attacker, like Arumel, can deal tons of damage to Brutalizer.
  • He is easily denied.
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