After hitting, if the targets life is below 50%, it deals 3,435 - 12,325 points of Special Damage to all enemies

After hitting, if wearer's life is below 50%, heals wearer by 19,845 - 62,705 points


Cain's Sword is one of the sword diamond relics. Along with this, Cain's Sword is one of the few diamond relics in the game that has two options of what it can do. Both of the options have 2 uses, further helping you change the tide of the battle.

Cain's Sword 2 effects are very different. One is offensive, while the other is defensive.


  • Special damage has no elemental disadvantage
  • Can fully/almost fully heal the wearer
  • Has 2 uses
  • Can take out monsters that are barely alive


  • Special damage has no elemental advantage
  • Destroyed by Reverse Healing

Recommended Monsters

  • Cain works very well with this relic, due to it being his sword. He doesn't have many AoE moves, so the extra damage will help him, and the heal is also good for him due to him being susceptible to counter attacks from monsters with anticipation.
  • Hookuai / Ugluk both work great with the relic due to getting bashed by tortures. They get a quick heal and some extra damage while having it equipped.
  • Cyberiel and Arumel are great Mythic monsters to hold this sword.
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