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When the turn starts, if any ally's Stamina is below 50%, 33 - 135 points of Stamina is given to them


Cane of the Atlantis is one of the Diamond Staff relics. It has 2 uses and comes in handy if any ally's Stamina is below 50%, as it’ll give up to 135 points of Stamina.


  • Can give up to 135 points of Stamina
  • It can be cast upon any ally, meaning even a non-staff carrier can still reap the benefits of another monster that can.
  • Two uses, totaling up to a crazy 270 stamina!


Recommended Monsters

  • Madam Fusion is a very good monster to fit this staff, as she constantly needs stamina from relics. This relic will give her plenty of stamina to fuel her much further than most others.
  • A supportive monster like Lindworm or Ondana can give stamina to any ally if that are low on stamina.