A denier is any monster that specializes in preventing other monsters from attacking or buffing their allies. Deniers come in many different shapes and forms. Deniers can deny in many different ways. Deniers can Freeze, Stun, Possess, CDA, Total Blind, and Stamina Removal. To see which deniers deny others monster with go to the Control Monster Page. They're two types of deniers Main/First Deniers and Secondary Deniers. Main Deniers have high speed, but they mainly don't have good attacks and sometimes don't do that much after they've denied their opponent. Examples of Main Deniers are Zimnyaya, Al Canine, and Krampus. Secondary deniers are a tad slower than the main denier, but they can do more after they have denied. Examples of Secondary Deniers are Frostbite, The Sentinel, and Alex Bone.

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Deniers are some of the monster groups that do well with each other. Deniers' biggest weakness is what happens after they deny. Mainly after they deny, they leave an after-effect to their opponent which is known as the Recently effects (such as Recently Stunned and Recently Frozen) which prevents the same effect used to deny your opponent to be used again. This is the case for Freeze, Stun, Possession, and Time Stop. This is where the secondary denier comes in. The secondary denier must use a different way of denying compared to the main denier. The secondary denier then uses its denying move on the opponent to deny the opponent for a second/third turn.

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