Tanks are monsters that protect their allies and soak up any damage caused by the enemy team. These monsters mainly use Taunt or MegaTaunt to direct an enemy's attack towards them and prevent their allies from being attacked. Tanks also have a very high life and focus on sustaining themselves with positive effects such as Regeneration, Shields, etc. Tanks however are weak against monsters that use PER (Positive Effect Removal) to delete their Protection and other positive effects.

Allies Edit

Any monster that has access to NER (Negative Effect Removal) can pair well with Tanks due to their need to be healed, cleansed, etc. Wyrmlad and Warmaster Zahra are great choices since they can remove their Tank's negative effects, use additional protection effects, etc. Tanks that have the Taunt trait (i.e Koralle Brutalis, Eisul, Clipeum) also synergize well with monsters with Dodge Area such as the aforementioned Wyrmlad and Frosilka along with others. Since Dodge Area monsters can’t be hit by area attacks, they can only be attacked through single-target skills, but the Tank's permanent Taunt will draw the skill towards them. These give Attackers enough time to dish out lots of damage and finish their job up. Lastly, a monster with access to Torture Immunity such as Hornet and Wickah can also be used to further improve the Tank's performance.

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