Cavenfish, the pirate shark monster. He loves using cannons to destroy his enemies on sight.

Overview Edit

Cavenfish is a ranked SS- in the Viability Ranking. This is justified by him being fairly fast, he has great moves and is being able to both freeze and stun everyone. That gives him the ability to deny the enemy team for two turns and makesmit very difficult for an opposing monster to be immune to all of his immobilization attacks. This makes Cavenfish a big threat in the current metagame as he is a very useful team immobilizer, which seems to be almost necessary on any team these days.


  • He can both stun and freeze everyone, making him one of the best team immobilizers in the game.
  • He is pretty fast, allowing him to easily outspeed common threats.
  • He is immune to freeze, which is always welcome.
  • His special move in another stunning move, which makes him an ultimate immobilizer.


  • He lacks some power.
  • He has a lot of cooldowns.
  • Slow in the Meta

Movesets Edit

Pirate Stun Frenzy!

  • Bullet Rain
  • Round Rain
  • Pirate Barrage/Corsair Offensive
  • Board Her!/Cavenfish's Curse
  • 3 Speed Rune

Start off by checking if you are facing a team that is more immune to freeze or stun and use the one it is more weak to, then use the other. The other moves depend on what you like more. Pirate Barrage does more damage, but Corsair Offensive removes more stamina. Board Her! boosts an ally, but Cavenfish's Curse gives a lot of bad status effects on one target.

It's raining bullets!

  • Lead Rain
  • Bullet Rain
  • Round Rain
  • Pirate Barrage/Board Her!
  • 3 Speed Runes

This one is a bit different. Start off with Bullet Rain, then use Round Rain. Lead Rain is there because it deals more damage than the other two and still has a 50% chance to stun everyone, which is pretty cool. But the #1 reason why it is here is because it got no cooldowns! Pirate Barrage is there to deal more damage as you might need it on this set. But Board Her! is also an option if you prefer to boost an ally.

Counters Edit

Cavenfish has trouble with stun and possession as he is only immune to freeze. Laomu and Eggeater can possess him while any fast monster with a stunning move can also do the trick. Being weak to Thunder, VoltaiK or Zyla the Faithful can deal great damage to him. Cavenfish is also seen on full-water teams, which can be destroyed by General Uria or his pet. Caillech can also make monsters immune to stun and freeze, which would render Cavenfish just about useless. Other than that, monsters that have Mountain trait are a real threat for this fish, because some of them even faster than him, like Mountezuma and Captain Copperbeard. As they can denied him even before he can deny

Book AnalysisEdit


  • Viability Rank: SS (10/10)
  • Effectiveness: 8/10
  • Comparison to Competition: 9/10


Cavenfish, like all water monsters, has a problem with other water monsters, because just about everyone is immune to freeze. He performs well here because of his ability to stun as well. Caillech can prevent this though, which is a bit of a problem.


  • Viability Rank: SS (10/10)
  • Effectiveness: 8/10
  • Comparison to Competition: 9/10


The same is for cavenfish about water.