When the turn starts, if any ally's Stamina is below 25%, 27 - 81 points of Stamina is given to all allies.


Charging Banner is one of 2 Gold banners in the game.


  • Gives stamina to all allies
  • Has a high amount of uses
  • Only one ally has to have below 25% stamina


  • Only refills about half of the total stamina
  • Only activates below 25% stamina
  • Only activates at the start of the turn, meaning the 213 stamina is seperated
  • Outclassed by its newer brother, Mr. Beast's Banner

Recommended Monsters

  • General Thetys works well with this banner, due to her main deny skill completely draining her stamina.
  • Extra Turners, like Noar, works as hell with this banner.
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