Chocolove is an angry chocolate box that will chomp your hand if you try to eat some of his chocolates.


Chocolove is a decent monster. That's pretty much all there is to say. It's power is decent, it's life is decent, he got a decent trait...everything about it is just decent. He does a decent job at dealing damage and inflicting status effects and it got some high cooldowns, but also some low ones. It's far from the best Magic-type attacker, but it isn't the worst.


  • Chocolove is diversed
  • His moves have high power in general
  • Stun
  • Blind and Slow
  • His special has AoE daze


  • His speed is ok
  • His trait is ok
  • Cooldowns are a bit much

Recommended MovesetEdit


  • Chocoblow (45 Special damage + Stun w/ 32 stamina, 3-turn CD)
  • Savage Kisses/Deadly Kisses (Savage for 50 Magic damage + Daze w/ 35 stamina, 3-turn CD) / (Deadly for 45 Magic Damage + Stun w/ 33 stamina, 3-turn CD)
  • Chews for all (AoE 30 Magic damage + Blind w/ 33 stamina, 2-turn CD)
  • Chomps for all (AoE 35 Magic damage + Slow w/ 34 stamina, 3-turn CD)
  • 2 Power Runes, 1 Speed Rune

Chocoblow does solid damage and stuns the target. Savage Kisses dazes the target and deals more damage, but Deadly Kisses stuns instead. Chews for all blinds everyone and Chomps for all may slow everyone. You got diversity and some power, you will do OK.


Chocolove isn't very treating. But it can be stunned, frozen or possessed, so that helps. You can also use a good Nature-type attacker such as The Judgement to take him down.