This is a Viability Ranking for the Classic Duel mode in Monster Legends. The monsters here are ranked based on popular opinion through the comments and polls, which is based on how well they perform in Classic Duels. The Grand Duels Viability Ranking can be found here.

OP Rank

These monsters are the best ones to choose in Classic Duels, and perform exceptionally in the Classic Duels meta.

SS Rank

These monsters are very good picks in Classic Duels, and only fall short of OP due to minor issues with stats, moves, or traits.

S Rank

These monsters are good choices to use in Classic Duels, but do have small flaws compared to the ones in the tiers above them.

A Rank

These monsters perform well in the Classic Duels metagame. You should choose these if higher tier monsters aren't available.

B Rank

These monsters aren't ideal, but can still be good choices and can perform well in the Classic Duels metagame on certain occasions.

C Rank

These monsters are below average in the Classic Duels metagame, and should only be chosen if there are no better choices available.

D Rank

These monsters perform poorly in the Classic Duels metagame, and you should try to avoid choosing them if you can.

E Rank

These monsters are the worst of the worst in Classic Duels, and should never be picked. They will help your team very little, if at all, compared to other monsters. 

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