Monster Legends Competitive Wiki

This is a Viability Ranking for the Classic Duel mode in Monster Legends. The monsters here are ranked based on popular opinion through the comments and polls, which is based on how well they perform in Classic Duels. The Grand Duels Viability Ranking can be found here.

Op-rank.png OP Rank

These monsters are the best ones to choose in Classic Duels, and should almost always be chosen if you get them.


Ss-rank.png SS Rank

These monsters are very good picks in Classic Duels, and only fall short of OP due to minor issues with stats, moves, or traits.


S-rank.png S Rank

These monsters perform well in the Classic Duels metagame. Not the absolute best choices, but will still work fine if you don't get better options.


A-rank.png A Rank

These monsters are okay picks for Classic Duels. Definitely not ideal picks, but they'll work if you don't get better options.


B-rank.png B Rank

These monsters are below average in the Classic Duels metagame, but can still perform alright in the right situations.


C-rank.png C Rank

These monsters are not great choices in the Classic Duels meta. Avoid choosing these monsters if you can, only pick them if there are no better options.


D-rank.png D Rank

These monsters perform poorly in the Classic Duels metagame. Try to avoid choosing these monsters as much as you can, there are very few situations where these monsters will perform well.


E-rank.png E Rank


F-rank.png F Rank

These monsters are the worst of the worst in Classic Duels, and should never be picked. They will help your team very little, if at all, compared to other monsters.