Here is The Arena's Viability Ranking of Cosmics from OP Rank to F Rank. OP is the most useful choice on your team and F is not recommended. Only Cosmic monsters are covered in this ranking.

This list is based around monster's performance in The Arena (PvP), NOT Team Wars, Duels, etc. The monsters are also ranked at Rank 5.

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Unranked Monsters

OP Rank

These monsters are too good for even the SS tier, so they get their own special tier. By far the best monsters in the entire game, and so unfathomably broken it's almost intentional. If you own these monsters, give yourself a pat on the back, because you now own the meta.

SS Rank

These are the monsters that comprise the game's primary meta. When building a team, almost always go for these monsters if you own them, as they're the most likely to ensure your victory, thanks to many great qualities that outweigh their cons heavily.




S Rank

While not quite as vital in the meta, monsters here are still very much capable of performing well in battle. Consider using these for more complex, gimmicky team comps, or as a replacement if you don't own any SS alternatives.




A Rank

These monsters will hardly be seen in a serious or advanced team. Due to one or more major flaws, monsters found here are quite heavily outclassed in their job and tend not to be first picks. However, if they must be used, they can still suffice if used properly.

B Rank

These monsters are the highest tier of the crap pile. Monsters in this rank are generally pretty bad, and hardly find themselves of much use. Use these almost only in wars, or as a serious last resort. Most regular Mythics, and even a handful of Legendaries, could outpace them in the free meta.

C Rank

Cosmics in this rank are better than the D tier due to their better moves or stats but are still utter garbage. Remember to avoid these monsters unless you have no other monsters of their book/element in Wars.

D Rank

Monsters here are so trash that there isn't even a proper adverb to describe how trash they are. Not even usable in wars or as fodder, these monsters will mostly be obtained for their cool appearance, rather than any attempt to squeeze usability from them.

E Rank

Monsters so close to the worst in the game are barely worth even looking at. They're just so god-awful, it's not even funny. Just hope that they have a good GPM or don't take up too much space, or else they're just a waste.

F Rank

Honestly, just sell the monsters in this tier, unless you need gold slaves or can get more to grind into Stardust. The money is way more worth it than trying to justify using a monster here.

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