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Globrush is one of the most famous space pirates, but his father was a pirate too! Only a more traditional one. He had disappeared many years ago, but he resurrected to save his son from drowning in the ocean after an accident. Now Crusty's back and looking for an adventure!

Role: Attacker


Crusty is a Water Extra-Turn Attacker who can chain up to 5 attacks. He has a setup which applies Double Healing and Reverse Healing to an enemy then heals the target to remove a good amount of life. Besides that, he can buff himself and spread Water Weakness to boost damage output. But, he has some flaws that hold him back. In general, he is still a great monster.


  • Status Caster combines great with his Element
  • Lots of Extra Turn moves
  • Combines the enemy healing strategy with an extra turn, allowing for a riskless alternative
  • Nice self-buffing moves
  • Can chain up to 5 attacks
  • Fantastic Relic slots
  • Decent Speed


  • Anticipation can be a problem
  • Bermuda Mystery applies a random Torture to itself, which can then have a chance of being Shock, ending the combo
  • Bad life and power
  • Moderate to High cooldowns
  • Easily denied
  • Only one AoE move which deals average damage

Recommended Moveset

Krusty Krabs

  • Chevallier's Dance (25 Physical dmg + Self Extra Turn, 35s, 2 CD)
  • Armmand's Trick (50 Physical dmg + Reverse Healing + Self Extra Turn, 45s, 4 CD)
  • Bermuda Mystery / Calypso Wave  (Mystery for 40 Water dmg + Self Random Torture Effect + Extra Turn, 25s, 4 CD) / (Wave for 20 Water dmg + Drowned, 35s, 2 CD)
  • Dreams of the Drowned (AoE 30 Water dmg + Water Weakness, 35s, 3 CD)

Heals You In Die

  • Chevallier's Dance
  • Armmand's Trick
  • Bermuda Mystery
  • Parley? (Enemy 30% Heal + Self 30% Heal + NER, 35s, 2 CD)

With this moveset, Use Chevallier's Dance, then Armmand's Trick, then Bermuda Mystery, then Chevallier's Dance then Parley?. The beauty of this skillset is that you manage to do lots of damage, and then Parley both recovers your self torture damage AND removes the damage.

Recommended Runes: 3 Strength; 2 Strength, 1 Speed/Team Speed

Recommended Relics: Cain's Sword, LazarBeam's Sword; Mr. Beast's Banner, Charging Banner


  • Monsters with Anticipation render him useless because of his Extra-Turns.
  • Monsters that apply Shock can prevent him from utilizing his long turn-chains. Namely, Siamiss and Erder.
  • Ondana has Stamina Removal and drowned, which can drain Crusty's stamina.
  • He is easily denied, so deniers like Moonhaze and Tremur can stop him from attacking. Special mentions go to Siamiss, who is not only a Thunder monster, but also uses CDA which can keep him out of the battle for at least 2 turns, and uses Shock to prevent him from using extra-turn moves.
  • Strong Thunder attackers like Dr. Wattz can can take advantage of his low life stat and can also shock him to nullify his extra turns

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