Daedalus was a sculptor working on the statue of a dragon when his soul got trapped inside his work of art. Now he's a fully functioning dragon, but his spirit remains the one of an artist and contributor.


Daedalus is the first Mythic tank to have the ability to use Mega Taunt. He is able to apply Quicksand and Daze to his enemies, and Taunt, Mega Taunt, and Positive Effect Protection to himself. But sadly, his life is really bad for a tank.


  • Can apply Mega Taunt and Damage Protection
  • Great relic slots
  • NER and PEP
  • Great special (AoE 50 Damage + Mega Stun)
  • Many self-support moves
  • Good trait
  • Great stats besides life


  • Horrible life for a Mythic tank
  • Vulnerable to Reverse Healing

Recommended Moveset

It Started So Well

  • Reconstruction! (Self NER + Double Healing + Regeneration, 46s, 3 CD)
  • Crafted From Sand (AoE 40 Special dmg + Self 30% Heal, 26s, 2 CD
  • Invader Pitfall (45 Earth dmg + Quicksand + Daze, 25s, 1 CD)
  • Full Fortress (Self Mega Taunt + Damage Protection, 43s, 3 CD)

Recommended Runes: 3 Life; 2 Life, 1 Team Speed

Recommended Relics: Nebotus' Armor, Morgz's Armor / Eeltron's Mask, Wattz's Mask

Reccomended Allies

  • Miserus is a great ally, as he can heal Daedalus and, if he's killed, Miserus can revive him.


  • Ugluk is a good counter as he has Taunt Hater, which allows him to deal triple damage against Daedalus.
  • PER monsters such as Tayni, Ingenica, Blaz, and Wickah can easily counter Daedalus's ability to stack PEP and Taunt.
  • Dangerous Dark attackers will pose a threat to him. Examples are Helgudin and Zunobia.
  • He has moderate cooldowns so CDA users like Grakon will work well against him. Pierceid is exceptional as she has the elemental advantage.
  • He heals himself very often, so Reverse Healing can make him accidentally kill himself. Monsters like Yedra and Holter's Bodyguard can hit him with that.

Fun Facts

  • Daedalus was the name of the Greek inventor of the Labyrinth.
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