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When Wangzhou was a child, his mother gave him a daruma figurine as a present and told him it would make all his wishes come true. As the child grew up and became the Corrupted Emperor Yaoguai Wangzhou, he went back to his old daruma, manipulated it, and brought it to life. Now Dark Uma is a genie at his service.

Role: Tank


Dark-Uma is an amazing Taunt monster. To start things off, he has an insane life stat being the highest in the game which is the only thing that matters on a tank although he has a above average speed stat for a tank allowing him to potentially sustain when he gets a turn in. Dark-Uma has a pretty good trait as well: having taunt, hardened - which is a pretty good umbrella trait - and a random positive effect to all allies which could potentially be useful. He also has many amazing supportive capabilities with Shields, NER, Damage Protection and much more. However, like almost all monsters, he does have some cons like his random effects are a lottery which could potentially make his random protections useless in specific times, however his guaranteed effects make up for this. Despite that however, this evil egg is an incredible tank and will be a good chicken for your team.


  • Great trait
  • Highest life stat in the Corrupted Era
  • Can support himself with NER, Healing, Shields, Double Life, Double Healing, Damage Protection, Dark Protection, Photophobic Shield, Regeneration, and Random Positive Effects
  • Good relic slots
  • Insane sustainability


  • Bad speed

Recommended Moveset

What, you egg?

  • Wish Granted (Team NER + Random Positive Effect, 48s, 3 CD)
  • Encouragement (Self Photophobic Shield + Regeneration, 36s, 1 CD)
  • Perseverance (Self Double Life + 50% Heal + Regeneration, 42s, 3 CD)
  • Ambitious Wishes (AoE 40 Dark dmg + Team Damage Protection, 36s, 2 CD)

Recommended Runes: 1 Life, 2 Team Speed; 3 Team Speed

Recommended Relics: Eeltron's Mask, Wattz's Mask, Dream's Mask; Morgz's Armor, Nebotus' Armor, Rudechaw's Armor

Recommended Talents: Bark Hide, Static Shock, Sin Eater, Soul Drag, Crystal Form, Mud Body


  • Light Attackers such as Blumeria can break this doll quite easily.
  • Monsters with Trait Disable like Chi Ao Loong, or monsters that hold Smite can disable his Taunt trait allowing their allies to freely attack his allies.