At the start of the battle, gives an Armor with 31,340 points and Fire Protection to all allies.

At the start of the battle, increase all allies' Power by 1510 points (2 turns).

Overview Edit

Darmith's Banner, one of, if not the best relic in the entire game. It also introduces the new era of relics giving positive effects at the beginning of the battle. It gives a massive shield to all allies as well as fire protection, and a damage stat increase at the beginning of the battle.


  • Gives fire protection to all allies
  • Gives armor up to 31,340 to all allies
  • Increases allies power up to 1510 for 2 turns


  • Not craftable

Recommended Monsters Edit

  • Hornet works well with this relic as he is one of the best supporters, and can give his team amazing buffs at the start of the game.
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