Dracontium is the most effective dragon guard for captive princesses. He has 23 under his surveillance! Lots of knights try to save those princesses on a daily basis, so Dracontium has roasted knights for dinner also on a daily basis.

Role: Attacker


Dracontium is a decent monster who can burn your enemies into dust. But this isn't all; he can give Stun and boost himself with strong moves.


  • Good power
  • Special skill is great: AoE Burn and Stun
  • Can boost himself and gain Precision whilst dealing damage
  • AoE Burn
  • Low cooldowns for most moves
  • 0 CD Stun move


  • Horrible trait, Life, and speed
  • Few moves have major cooldowns
  • Only spreads Burn and Stun

Recommended Moveset

Jade Dragon

  • Magna Detrimenta (60 Special dmg, 28s, 1 CD)
  • Ignis Area (AoE 35 Fire dmg + Burn, 37s, 4 CD)
  • Morsu Vehementis (45 Special dmg + Stun, 28s, 0 CD)
  • Damnun Dolbe (40 Special dmg + Double Damage, 28s, 3 CD)

Recommended Runes: 2 Strength, 1 Team Speed


  • Good Water attackers such as iMigbo, Hookuai, and Gorg can defeat this green dragon easily.
  • He is easily denied, so any monster with denying skills can disable Dracontium.
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