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Dratis is the third and last member of the Ordo Drakkonis. This singular dragon was a magician, but an awful one, so he decided to focus his efforts on the physical offensive. Without any magic, he can kill enemies in a few seconds, but he's also very fragile, so Nahane and Vishamah try to protect him.

Role: Attacker


Dratis is a Nature attacker and is the fourth Cosmic attacker utilizing Pierce. Unlike the previous pierce attackers, he has higher strength and instead of a Status Caster, he has permanent Pierce! Not only that, but his trait provides protection against Possession and CDA, making the most common denials in the cosmic era useless against him. Though he only has 2 negative effects, they are tortures that he can utilize well to increase his damage output. Surprisingly, his damage output is pretty good and another shocking thing to note is that with his relic slots, he can fully stamina drain the entire enemy team as an attacker. The only thing he has to worry about is his glassy life stat and fellow Nature monsters due to his moves all being Nature but even so, Dratis proves to be an incredible attacker with his Pierce trait.


  • Insane trait
  • Nice self buffs
  • Good power and damage output
  • Nice speed
  • Great relic slots
  • Low stamina costs and cooldowns on most moves


Recommended Moveset

The Strongest Stickbug

  • Blade Tornado (AoE 35 Nature dmg + Bleed, 36s, 2 CD)
  • Wind Shear (AoE 40 Nature dmg, 43s, 3 CD)
  • Drakkonis Spear (60 Nature dmg + Poison, 46s, 2 CD)
  • Razor Fangs / Mantis Dragon / Eternal Flutter (Fangs for 40 Nature dmg + Poison + Bleed, 29s, 1 CD) / (Mantis for 40 Nature dmg, 22s, 0 CD) / (Flutter for Self NER + Cooldown Immunity, 36s, 2 CD)

Recommended Runes: 2 Strength, 1 Speed/Team Speed; 3 Strength

Recommended Relics: Jasastur's Mask, Baltasar's Mask; Sherezar's Amulet, Tayni's Amulet

Recommended Allies

  • SC: Mega Taunt monsters like Cryocrawler and Bombeta can protect his broken trait and fragile life.
  • Since he can apply Bleed, Master Masher is a great ally as he can turn transfer and apply Bleed Hater.
  • Supports that can apply Triple Damage like Captain Alvid, Ferrus, and Vishamah can allow Dratis to obliterate your opponents. Additionally, Vishamah can apply Nature Weakness.
  • Pairing him up with deniers with baby reversion such as Lindworm can allow the denier to go first and do baby reversion and Dratis can kill everyone by piercing through the Baby Reversion instead of having to waste a turn.


  • As a Nature monster, Fire attackers such as Solarflare and Kaih The Sunmelter can squish this mantis.
  • Monsters with access to Trait Disable such as Tabora and The Dooo can remove his crazy trait. In particular, The Dooo can also remove Mega Taunt before Trait Disabling.
  • He is only immune to Possession and CDA, so deniers like Lindworm and Varupapu can leave this Leaf Mantis crunched.