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What are the Elements?

The Elements of Monster Legends are categories where monsters are regrouped. There are 10 elements: Water, Fire, Nature, Magic, Metal, Light, Dark, Earth, Thunder and Special (exclusive to Legendary monsters).

Uncommon, Rare and Epic monsters all have two different elements, while Mythic and Common monsters have one. Nearly all Legendary monsters have the Special element and one other element (with the exception of Warmaster Ragnarok with only the Special element).

The Circle of Power

All Elements are strong against an element and weak against an other, except Special, which is strong and weak to no other element.

The Circle of Power determines these powers and weaknesses:


Example: Thunder is strong against Water, but weak against Earth. Fire is strong against Nature, but weak against Water, etc.

Attacking an element you're strong against will deal 50% more damage than a normal attack.

Attacking the same element will deal 50% less damage.

Links to the Different Elements

To see all the monsters of an element, you can go visit their element page by clicking on the following links: