Erder was a gift from Warmaster Elvira to the citizens of Plithora, who were left without a king after they dethroned Korruptus for turning to black magic. She's an incredible protector, ready to impose justice and order. Whoever tries to bring chaos upon Plithora will have to face her lance!

Role: Tank


Erder is a Taunt tank whose main gimmicks are Shock, Bleed, Damage Reduction, an extra turn skill and a bunch of self-support skills. She is a great tank and an attacker so be careful when facing her lance.


  • Good trait
  • Legendaryphobic Shield
  • Shields
  • Great Special
  • Good power and life
  • Good damage output
  • Amazing Relic slots


  • Few negative effects
  • Bad speed
  • High stamina costs and cooldowns
  • No self NER
  • Easily denied

Recommended Moveset

Justice for Plithora!

  • Hand Of God (45 Thunder dmg + Shock, 50s, 0 CD)
  • Lance Thrust (AoE 40 Special dmg + Bleed, 40s, 3 CD)
  • Mount Goes First (50 Physical dmg + Bleed + Self 25% Shield, 40s, 2 CD )
  • Beast Slayer / Retribution / Holy Aura (Slayer for Self Legendaryphobic Shield + Extra Turn, 90s, 3 CD) / (Retribution for Self Double Damage + Damage Mirror, 50s, 2 CD) / (Aura for self 50% Shield + Damage Protection, 50s, 2 CD)

It's usually always recommended that you run Hand Of God, Lance Thrust, and/or Mount Goes First on a lot of sets since those are some of Erder's best damaging skills. Her last move slot is very flexible however, if you want more damage, go Retribution. If you want more defensiveness, go Holy Aura. Beast Slayer is also great, but really hefty on the Stamina Cost so it's recommended a little less.

Recommended Runes: 2 Strength, 1 Team Speed/Life; 1 Strength, 2 Team Speed; 1 Strength, 1 Team Speed, 1 Life

Recommended Relics: Nebotus' Armor, Morgz's Armor / Hiroim's Shield, Wangzhou's Shield, Vanoss2099's Shield

Recommended Allies

  • Warmaster Remntar is a great ally as his trait makes his teammates immune to Special damage. When paired with Erder's Beast Slayer, Erder will take no raw damage for the next turn.


  • Ugluk could easily tear her down with Taunt Hater and elemental advantage.
  • Yoroi and Vastus are also strong counters with great damage output and being Earth attackers.
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