Being the son of a demonic god and a giantess, Fenrir is feared by everyone, even the Norse deities, who know that nothing good can come from this terribly strong creature.

Overview Edit

Fenrir is a A- ranked monster on the Viability Ranking. The main reasons are the fact that he has extremely good stats, powerful moves without any cooldown, and the deadly Rage of Fenrir, which gives Triple Damage for three turns while Stunning the target for one turn. Fenrir is very fast, very powerful, very Dangerous. He is probably the only monster besides Goldfield who is 100% immune to Cooldowns Activated. All of these facts are good enough to place him at the top of the A- Tier. However, Fenrir isn't AA rank due to having a mediocre trait and life.


  • High Power and Speed
  • His moves don't have any cooldown
  • AoE Bleed, Nightmares and Daze
  • His signature move: Rage of Fenrir, is absolutely broken


  • Bad Life and Trait
  • His only Status Effect that he can applies only Daze, Nightmare, Bleed. Nothing else

Recommended Moveset Edit

Werewolf Power

  • Devastation Axe
  • Wolves Pack
  • Scary Howl
  • Rage of Fenrir
  • 2 Power Runes, 1 Speed Rune

Unfortunately, Fenrir can't effectively use Rage of Fenrir on himself without getting stunned. You will have to either remove negative effects or use it on an ally that is immune to stun. It is still very powerful, giving triple damage for three turns, making anything a powerhouse. His other moves are very good too. Devastation Axe is your solid 65 base power move which just destroys stuff. Wolves Pack spreads bleed, which no one is immune to and Scary Howl spreads both nightmares and daze. Use everything on your power to crush your foes. You can either boost your allies that are immune to stun or just go for damage straight on by spreading your status effects. Devastation Axe is mostly a finishing move. It isn't very hard to use, especially since there are no cooldowns on his moves. Fenrir is a joy to use against Timerion, since it can't do much against it other than Stop-Time.

Counters Edit

Light monsters can kill Fenrir pretty quickly. Lux Aura is a great choice, while General Ingvar can also be pretty effective. Fenrir is immune to nightmares, which means you can stun, freeze or possess him all the way you want. Laomu is a great possess user, while most water monsters can freeze him. I wouldn't recommend using stun since most of them are Earth monsters and they are weak to Fenrir's Wolves Pack and Scary Howl.