Frank S. Tein has finally found the one. Francine Frank is toned, just like him, not very bright, just like him, and has a bit of a bad attitude, just like him! Looks like the monster matches app has worked fine for these two.


Francine Frank is an amazing tank with the fourth highest Life in the game, Double Life, a 100% heal, Shields, Taunt, Metal moves, and a plethora of negative status effects to inflict on enemies.


  • Insane Life stat
  • Taunt
  • Double Life
  • 100% heal skill
  • Can apply 3 turn Death Countdown with her ultimate attack
  • Can apply death countdown or INSTANT DEATH as a normal skill. Talk about the tank that kills all tanks.
  • Shock, Nightmare, Instant Death, Death countdown randomly in one move
  • Stamina Leak
  • Metal moves


  • Very slow
  • High cooldowns
  • Hard to decide moveset

Recommended MovesetEdit

Tank :Edit

  • Regained Strength (60 Thunder Damage to one Enemy+Shocked for 3T+Self-Double Life for 2T for 31 Stamina , 3T cooldown).
  • I'm Not A Monster (Taunt+Self-Damage Protection for 26 Stamina , 3T cooldown).
  • Destructive Monstrosity ( 3T Death Countdown OR Instant Death OR Nightwares OR Shocked to one Enemy for 28 Stamina , 3T cooldown).
  • Self Mending Limbs (40 Thunder Damage + 100% Self-Heal for 32 Stamina , 4 T cooldown).


  • Regained Strength (60 Thunder Damage + Shocked for 3T+Self Double Life for 2T for 31 Stamina , 3T cooldown).
  • Villager Fears ( 35 Special dmg + AoE Major Dmg Reduction w/ 28s, 3 turn CD)
  • Self Mending Limbs (40 Thunder dmg + Self Heal 100%/ 32s, 4 turn CD)
  • Villagers Nightmare / Beastly Recovery (Nightmare for 35 AoE Metal dmg + Stamina Leak w/ 33s, 3 turn CD) / (Beastly for 30 Thunder dmg + 50% Shock + Regeneration / 24s, no CD)

 Recommended Runes: 3 Life