After hitting, if the target is Frozen, deals 3,435 - 12,325 points of Water damage to all targets.


Frostbite's Amulet, another bland relic, is one of the 6 Diamond Amulet relics, the others being Alces' Amulet, Sherezar's Amulet, Osur's Amulet,Tayni's Amulet and Nahane's Amulet. If an enemy is frozen, all it does is deal up to 12K points of Water damage to all enemies. The relic is almost useless unless you have a Freeze user, but even with a Freeze user, it’s still not that useful.


  • Deals 12K Water dmg to all enemies


  • Inferior to the 5 other Diamond Amulet relics
  • Nearly useless if there's no Freeze user
  • Useless against monsters with Freeze Immunity
  • Only one Perk
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