Furrius Robin's motto is: "Hit hard, hit fast, take everything you can, and run as far as you can!" He's kind of a fragile creature, but he makes sure to hit before he can be hit, that's how he'll stay safe.

Role: Attacker


Furrius Robin, the Robin Hood-Sandy Cheeks fusion monster, bringing with him some heavy artillery and owner of one of the absolute best self-support Specials in the game, Hero of Sherwood. Along with him are a variety of status-inflicting arrows with different effects, self Triple Damage, and a 2-turn evasion move.


  • Great Power stat
  • Fantastic Special: self Triple Damage + self Double Damage + extra turn
  • Can apply various torture effects, such as Burn, Bleed, and Poison
  • Low stamina costs
  • Triple Damage
  • Evasion for 2-turns


  • Horrible Trait
  • Bad Health
  • Moderate to high cooldowns
  • No AoE moves

Recommended MovesetEdit

Take What You Can! Edit

  • Tree Climbing (Self Evasion, 15s, 4 CD)
  • Steady Aim (Self Triple Damage + Precision + Slow, 14s, 4 CD)
  • Thief's Bow (60 Nature dmg + PER, 24s, 2 CD)
  • Sheriff Bane / Venomous Shot (50 Nature dmg + Burn, 22s, 1 CD) / (60 Nature dmg + Poison, 22s, 2 CD)

It would help if you have a teammate that can NER, as by Robin's next turn, it'll have Triple Damage without the pesky Slow making him attack quicker.

Recommended Runes: 1 Strength, 1 Speed, 1 Team Speed; 3 Strength; 2 Strength, 1 Speed

Counters Edit

  • PER monsters, such as Volthar and Mirak, can both remove and prevent Robin from applying buffs like Triple Damage and Evasion with Nanovirus.
  • Due to his horrible trait, deniers like Volthar and Jasastur can possess him and control him.
  • Due to his fragile life, Fire attackers like Nitroblaster and Marquis De Flambe can easily kill him.
  • Since he has no AoE moves, any Taunt monster can just soak up his attacks.
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