General Nishant is the Dark-type general. He is an attacker general more than a support like General Atum.

Role: Attacker / Support

Overview Edit

As the Dark-type general, it was clear Nishant was going to be all about damage, which remembers some of Barbatos. However, Nishant is very different from him and is more about having a very good boosting move and then attack his foes. He is so evil, he can even destroy monsters of his own type by using Dark Supremacy, which makes a target very weak to Dark. On top of that, it also affects Timerion, which reminds us from General Ingvar's discouragement. Because of these facts, Nishant can effectively sweep an entire team pretty easily if he gets the chance to do so.


  • Good Power and Speed
  • He can make enemies weak to Dark.
  • Self-boosting move which protects him from damage, somewhat compensating for his low life.
  • His moves are generally very powerful
  • AoE Burn
  • AoE Nightmates


  • High cooldowns
  • His life is absolutely atrocious.
  • Dark Supremacy only makes opponents weak to Dark attacks for one turn, so Nishant needs to go twice before they go once or have a Dark-type teammate to fully utilize it.

Recommended Moveset Edit

Shadow Gargoyle

  • Impious Cuts/Torment Cuts (Impious for 40 Special damage + Bleeding, 0 CD/ Torment for 65 special damage + bleeding 2 CD)
  • Satanic Flames/Affliction Souls (Flames for AoE 35 dark damage + AoE burn, 4 CD/;Souls for AoE Dark damage + Nightmares, 4 CD)
  • Dark Supremacy (50 dark damage + 1 turn dark weakness, 3 CD)
  • Shadow Form (self ghost evasion + Damage Boost + Precision 4 CD)
  • 2 Power Runes, 1 Speed Rune

Start with Shadow Form, as this is your boosting move, which will give you damage boost, precision and make you immune to damage for one turn. Then you can apply Burn or Nightmares to your foes with Satanic Flames or Affliction Souls respectively. Dark Supremacy makes a target very weak to Dark, which can ruin any tank easily. Impious Cuts is your typical no cooldown move to counter Timerion, but also applies Bleed.

Counters Edit

General Nishant has very low HP, so by using a Light monster such as Lux Aura, you should be good about taking it down easily. If it uses Shadow Form, having a way of removing good effects such as cleaning from Lord of the Atlantis can be good. Having someone to remove bad effects like Lux Aura, yet again or Goldfield is a good option. If you can remove all the boosts he is trying to get, Nishant shouldn't be that big of a treat.