General Uria

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General Uria is the commander of the Thunder troops. Under his armor, there is no physical form, just a charge of pure Thunder energy. Do not touch him if you've been in contact with water!

Role: Attacker


General Uria is a decent Thunder attacker. He has a decent power stat and high damaging skills with low cooldowns. However, he doesn't use any tortures, has weird relic slots, and is overall pretty outdated.


  • Low cooldowns
  • Hard-hitting moves
  • Decent stats and trait
  • 0 CD Spammable moves


  • Only one AoE move
  • Relic slots could be better
  • Bad life
  • Only negative effects are Blind and Daze
  • Relies too much on raw damage due to having no Tortures


  • Uria is easily beaten by good Earth attackers, such as General Atum, The Warrior, and Burotgor.
  • Since he doesn't have any immunities, he is denied by pretty much anything. Use monsters like Copycat to keep him from attacking.
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