Greedy Dragon is a greedy dragon (big surprise) from the Nine Wonders. Main gimmicks include Burn, Stamina Leak, and Stun.

Role: Attacker

Overview Edit

Greedy Dragon is a reasonably old monster. Despite that, he can still stand his ground in today's current meta. His main gimmicks include: AoE Stamina Leak, AoE Burning, Single Target Heavy Special Damage + Life Steal, Self 50% Damage Boost + Extra Turn. He lays in S+ just short of SS- on the Viability Ranking as of writing.


  • AoE Stamina Leak
  • AoE Burning
  • Very Good Self Damage Boost + Extra Turn Skill
  • Good Life Steal Skill
  • Good Stats


  • Bad trait
  • High Cooldowns

Recommended Moveset Edit

I'm so rich !

  • Gold Lust (60 Special dmg + Life Steal, 95AC, 32s, 3CD)
  • The Magnificient (DMG Boost + 1 Extra Turn, 95AC, 28s, 3CD)
  • Your Weight In Gold / Molten Gold (YWIG for AoE Special 35DMG + Stamina Leak, 90AC, 35s, 3CD, Molten Gold for AoE Fire 35DMG + Burn, 90AC, 34s, 3CD)
  • Reign of Fire (50 Fire DMG + Stun, 95AC, 28s, 1CD)
  • 3 Power Runes / 2 Power Runes & 1 Speed Rune

Since Greedy Dragon is in the Winged, Dragon and Undead book you will find yourself using him in Team Wars and certain Dungeons, this move set is best optimized for that. (In pvp you may find it better using Molten Gold over Gold Lust / Your Weight In Gold.)

Counters Edit

Due to poor trait & high cooldowns, Greedy Dragon has it hard with Negative Efects; Possesion, Freeze, Stun, Mega Blind, Stamina Removal and Cooldown Activation skills.