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Grumpex is the head of the Chameliens, a civilization of space warriors! Until the Chameliens arrived, the Skeel army ruled the area, but ever since Grumpex and his warriors are around, Master Skeel and his troopers have nothing to do against them.

Role: Attacker


Grumpex is a Light attacker that does a pretty good job at, well, attacking. His stats are great, and his trait, Mechanical Hater, allows him to counter several Metal monsters that would otherwise cause trouble for him. He has access to several torture effects (and even some random ones) to dish out even more damage. He has some neat self buffs skills too, such as cleansing himself, giving himself Precision, and an extra turn on top of it. His most unique feature however is Double Lazer Blast, a skill that does damage twice, allowing it to hit without needing Guard Down or True Vision instead. However, as with all monsters, some things do hold him back from being ranked higher, and one of those things being high cooldowns and only one measly AoE move. However, outside of that, he is quite the solid attacker, and not that bad.


  • Neat trait
  • Great stats
  • Lots of tortures and self supports
  • Great relic slots
  • Overall low stamina costs
  • Great support skill in Stepping Through The Door


  • High cooldowns on good moves
  • Only one AoE move, which only deals average damage
  • Random tortures are a lottery
  • Average damage output

Recommended Moveset

100 Gecks

  • Stepping Through The Door (Self NER + Precision + Extra Turn, 29s, 3 CD)
  • Double Lazer Blast (30 Light dmg x2 + Sunburn + Poison, 40s, 3 CD)
  • Lizard Of Science, Not War (AoE 30 Special dmg + Random Torture Effect, 30s, 3 CD)
  • Sophisticated Race / Waiting for Zameleon (Race for 60 Light dmg + 2 Random Torture Effects, 25s, 4 CD) / (Waiting for 40 Special dmg + Self Skill Mirror, 25s, 1 CD)

Recommended Runes: 3 Strength; 1 Speed, 2 Strength

Recommended Relics: Eeltron's Mask, Jasastur's Mask; Cain's Sword, LazarBeam's Sword


  • Strong Metal attackers, such as Makugan and Zizania, can take Grumpex down easily. However, be wary that they are in the Mechanical book, meaning that Grumpex will also be able to take them out.
  • He is easily denied. Al Canine can do this as Grumpex has rather high cooldowns.
  • Monsters with Torture Immunity can easily ignore his negative effects.
  • A Taunt monster can take pride in Grumpex's lack of AoE skills. Clipeum is your best bet, as he is a Light Taunt monster. Fear not of Grumpex's Mechanical Hater either, as the elemental disadvantage will reduce his damage output despite the Hater at play!
  • Monsters with PER and/or NER, like Ingenica can remove both his tortures and self buffs.

Fun Facts

  • If you possess Grumpex and he attacks one of his allies, his gun shoots backwards, due to the attack animation being played forward, despite the target being behind.
  • Some skills are references to the song Space Oddity by David Bowie.