Hello, and welcome to the Hall of Fame! This page is created to honor all the most important members that have come and gone or are still active on this wiki!

Ways to get someone into the Hall of Fame

  • Mention who you would like to see in the Hall of Fame in the comments
  • Give reasons as to why you think that person should be in the Hall of Fame
  • A poll will be created that will last for 1 full week, and once the week ends:
  • If the person has at least 60% "yes", then they are a part of the Hall of Fame;
  • If the person does not have at least 60% "yes", then they are not a part of the Hall of Fame, and you have to wait for 6 months to mention that person again.
  • If the persons poll has 20 votes for yes, and if their isn’t a lot of no‘s (EX: 15 No, 20 Yes), then the person instantly makes it into the Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

Past Mentions

AlphaOmega496: many people said this wiki wouldn't be this wiki without his work. I may have been silent since my argument against Guil on June/July, but I lurked a lot, as I said before, and I totally agree with those people. He absolutely deserves a place in the Hall of Fame. He was the founder of the Ranking Council, and basically saved this wiki from being a complete joke on his own, which is amazing.

Yoshijr: I want to mention him. He is a great bureaucrat, although I don't know why he us acting like a Fandom user recently. I've been lurking for months and he has always been the mpst polute one. I mention him.

Inenarrativus: I want to mention him too. He is in almost every page of this wiki as a major contributor, he was in the Ranking Council and an Admin (I saw his profile), and above all, he leaded the "resistance" against Guil (despite writing a not so great farewell message on November), and he won, blocking that shit. And his "real" farewell message was just so touching... He even imagined the idea of this page!

Shadowstorm48: Shadowstorm is a great admin that has created useful articles to help the website (Classic and Grand Duel Viability Ranking) and is overall, a great guy. When I joined, he told me the basics on how to be a member of this wiki. He’s a great guy, and definitely deserves to be on here.

ThisIsLucid: He was one of the original Bureaucrat's of the wiki and when I first joined I noticed that he was always active and always made sure nobody was given false information about any monsters. He basically made most of the older monster's profiles, which totals probably to around 300+ monster profiles, and was one of the biggest contributors to the Viability Ranking in its early stages. He set up most of the more current formats as well.

Croquedead: Croquedead is the founder of this wiki and is the biggest reason as to why the wiki exists today. If it wasn't for him then we wouldn't have a wiki to love today.

Fallblade: My last mention is Fallblade. Most edits, most hours spent here and he is really devoted to constantly improving the wiki. -Random Fandom user


I want to mention 2 people. And i will say that in my time here both as a user and as a council rep.... these guys should be absolute no brainers.

Shadow- i know he was mentioned and it was shot down. This is nuts to me. He is extremely helpful and knows the game as well as anyone. He does a shit ton of work that goes unrewarded. Almost feel like i take him for granted. U guys dont see it as much as council would- but he is always the first to offer to do all the busy shit that others may not have time for or want to do. He doesnt go with the popular vote and always backs up his opinion. The guy deserves HoF. Without question. Pure contribution workload alone would have him in any HoF. Not sure if he is eligible for another. But he should be.

Kyrem- there is several obvious reasons Yoshi endorsed his election to take over. And he was elected by users. Not handed the bosscrat job. His acct is badass. He is highest ranked friend in my queue every season. He knows all the monsters by heart. He is always respectful and approachable. I could list more but it is obvious what he does and i dont want to be the guy kissing the bosscrats ass. As users, u all see him on wiki and discord. And as council i know he leads without trying to. He deserves it.

Voting Polls

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