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This sea critter feeds on mussels and seaweed, but when he's feeling exotic, he crawls out of the water onto dry land, looking for a bite of something different. His strategy is to play dead in the sand for hours, until a scavenger comes and tries to eat him. That's when: Snap! Hydraka attacks by surprise!

Role: Self-Sustaining Attacker


Hydraka is a good Fire attacker. He works kinda like Spawny, with some good buffing, Water damage and lots of Shields. He has 2 0s skills, one being 0 CD and the other being a Water skill with drown and 1 turn cooldown. He has a great trait, a lot like Fungheratops' but the SC is now True Vision. His buffs are always secure thanks to PEP, with the effects being Shields, Double Damage and True Vision. He also has low CD costs, an extra turn skill which helps him chain 85 damage in a single turn and great stats. This is not to say that Mr. Krabs on 28 tabs of acid doesn't have his shortcomings, however. He has a very hard time fighting if there is Taunt involved, due to only having 1 AoE, and his relics seem to be more Tank focused. Overall though, aside from having nothing to do with Hydrok, Hydraka is shaping up to be a great bulky Attacker.


  • Great damage output
  • Has 2 Water skills as a Fire monster
  • Access to Extra Turn and PEP
  • Amazing self-support in Unbreakable Guard
  • Great stats
  • Good trait
  • Generally low cooldowns
  • Has 2 0s moves, meaning that he isn’t completely nullified by Stamina Drain


  • Only 1 AoE move
  • Weird relic slots
  • Only one torture besides Special

Recommended Moveset

Crab Rave

  • Abominable Pincers (65 Fire dmg + Self 30% Shield, 42s, 2 CD)
  • Water Steam (AoE 40 Water dmg + Drowned, 48s, 3 CD)
  • Side Dash / Magma Shell (Dash for 20 Fire dmg + Self 20% Shield + Extra Turn, 24s, 2 CD) / (Shell for Self 50% Shield + PEP, 42s, 2 CD)
  • Infernal Crab / Waterspout / Unbreakable Guard (Infernal for 40 Fire dmg, 0s, 0 CD) / (Waterspout for 45 Water dmg + Drowned, 0s, 1 CD) / (Guard for Self True Vision + PEP + Double Damage, 48s, 3 CD)

Recommended Runes: 2 Strength, 1 Speed/Team Speed; 1 Strength, 2 Speed/Team Speed

Recommended Relics: Rudechaw's Armor, Nebotus' Armor; Wormhole's Trap, Mantis Claws Trap, Nabuline's Trap

This moveset is based mainly on being able to self sustain. It is ideal to run at least two supporting moves, the ideal moves being Unbreakable Guard and Magma Shell, and because of the great damage boost in Unbreakable Guard, you can run 2 Speed with still doing great amounts of damage. However, if you are uncertain, it is better to go with 2 Strength instead.

Recommended Allies

  • Mr. NotFound can apply weaknesses to deal extra damage on top of Hydraka's amazing damage output.
    • Other monsters that can apply damage boosts such as Raijin or Algata can also be an amazing ally, being able to add Triple Damage over his Double Damage.


  • Monsters who PER twice because of PEP like Jaakuna Hi can easily remove his self positive effects.
  • Water attackers can overcook this crab.
    • Although having the stat disadvantage, Gartox is a great counter, being able to remove shields before damage, as well as having the elemental advantage.