When turn starts, if any ally's Life is below 50%, all allies are healed by 11,905 - 37,625 points of Life and gain 33 - 135 points of Stamina.


Ingvar's Banner is currently one of the best Diamond Banner Relics. It is useful as it can heal and recharge stamina to all allies. This will help you when you are in a pinch.


  • Heal up to 37,635
  • Recharge up to 135 Stamina
  • Can be crafted


  • Countered well by Reverse Healing
  • Triggered by health cap, which means that stamina drain can bypass the stamina recharge

Recommended Monsters

  • Madam Fusion is very good for this relic as she needs the healing from DoT's/Anticipation, as well as the stamina so she can charge through traits and positive effects for longer.
  • Any Support who can hold Banner (like Hornet) also work well.
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