It is known that Mountezuma is an arrogant leader and untrusting emperor, and he has a right to be like that: Everyone hates him, everyone but Itzanami, who will do anything necessary to defend her leader. She could pull off that defense because, ironically, she is much more powerful than he will ever be.

Role: Curser


Itzanami's role is to remove the enemy team's buffing abilities. She has an impressive speed stat and some solid moves that inflict Nanovirus, PER, and Trait Disabled.


  • Fantastic speed
  • Good Life
  • Trait Disable
  • Many AoE status effect moves
  • AoE PER + Nanovirus, making it so it removes and blocks positive effects


  • Low damaging skills
  • Mediocre trait
  • Easily denied
  • Special is single-target
  • No NER

Recommended Moveset

  • Caralomaco's Fury / Gaze of Javioxtil (Fury for PER + Nanovirus, 24s, 0 CD) / (Gaze for Trait Disabled, 26s, 2 CD)
  • Breath Of Henrilipuzili (45 Earth dmg + AoE Daze, 29s, 1 CD)
  • Charlotok Curse (AoE PER + Nanovirus, 29s, 3 CD)
  • Anger Of Igozhauki (AoE 35 Special dmg + Trait Disabled, 33s, 3 CD)

Recommended Runes: 1 Team Speed, 2 Speed; 3 Team Speed

Recommended Relics: Jasastur's Mask; Eeltron's Mask / Sherezar's Amulet

Itzanami have good starters moves, depending of case. If you need to remove Taunt/Mega Taunt or Dodge Area you can use Caralomaco's Fury or Gaze of Javioxtil (if is trait or just an effect). Charlotok Curse is good for remove, for example, Warmaster Elvira's Trait, and is a AoE PER so is very good anyway. Anger Of Igozhauki can make she the "pillar" of team because can make a very good pair with deniers, extra-turners, etc. Daze isn't one of the best effects but can be annoying, so Breath Of Henrilipuzili can be a response for some occasions.


  • Itzanami can be denied but she cannot deny. Any denier with semi-decent health can stop her.
  • She has little damage output but her status effects can be pesky. Use NER monsters like Demise and Talika to remove her effects.
  • Patient Cyber could get rid of all her useful moves with CDA if used properly.
  • Possessors like Nishant's Pet and Hackster would be great too.
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