After hitting, if target's Stamina is above 75%, removes 27-180 points of Stamina from damaged enemies and gives 55-225 points of Stamina to wearer.


Jasastur's Mask is a relic that drains stamina when attacking but also gives the wearer stamina, effectively giving it 2 different uses. What makes it so good is the fact that when you attack it removes a massive amount of stamina, and when in need it gives a huge amount of stamina back.


  • Can remove up to 180 stamina
  • Gives the wearer up to 225 stamina
  • 3 uses


  • Requires damage to activate

Recommended Monsters

  • Prince Charmless is a good monster to have Jasastur's Mask. He can remove stamina while regaining it in the process.
  • Pierceid can possess and possibly CDA while draining stamina depending on what move-set your running.
  • O'Reilly also does plenty of damage as well, and can also be ran effectively with this mask by giving him a 2nd form of denial.
  • Rekka is another good extra turn spam attacker like Charmless that can really utilize this relic for gaining more Stamina for his extra turns.
  • Hardy is a very good monster for this relic since his stamina costs are so high and he effectively deny the enemy with his AoE stamina leak.
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