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Katsuko used to get picked on by his teacher Oikawa in sumo academy, but since he added Stardust to his diet of milk and oily fish, he is truly unstoppable. Now Oikawa should probably run away before Katsuko stomps on him.

Role: Attacker/Support


Katsuko is a mediocre Light Attacker who simultaneously dishes damage and supports his team with life shields. His main draw is his Taunt Hater, countering tanks by dealing more damage and effectively making him another Shelly killer because of his element. He has a unique move with a 25% chance of instantly killing the enemy, a hit or miss that could potentially come in clutch, and some low stamina costs and decent stats overall. However, what weighs him down is the fact that his only negative effect is Daze and that he only does average damage without Taunt Hater, unlike a monster like Diegael, who can still deal good damage without his Villain Hater. Overall, Katsuko is a monster who comes in handy against tanks for a while, but suffers from being average outside of that.


  • Decent trait
  • Taunt Hater counters many meta tanks such as Shelly and Bombeta
  • 25% chance of killing an enemy instantly
  • Attacks while applying shields to sustain himself and allies
  • Moderate to low cooldowns on most moves
  • Great power
  • Good life
  • Has a decent 0s, 0 CD move meaning he's fine against Stamina Removal and CDA
  • Moderate to low stamina costs


  • Easily denied by everything but Possession
  • Only negative effect is Daze
  • Moderate cooldowns on best moves
  • Kimarite costs 60 stamina
  • Low speed and damage output without Taunt Hater
  • Completely relies on raw damage
  • Relic slots would be better

Recommended Moveset

Japanese Chungus

  • Katsuko Yokozuna (Self Taunt Hater + Extra Turn, 38s, 3 CD)
  • Henka (AoE 35 Light dmg + Team 30% Shield, 46s, 3 CD)
  • Inashi (50 Light dmg + Team 50% Shield, 34s, 2 CD)
  • Kimarite / Ozeki / Yori-Kiri (Kimarite for 25% Instant Kill, 60s, 3 CD) / (Ozeki for Team 30% Shield, 0s, 0 CD) / (Yori for 40 Light dmg + Team 50% Shield, 28s, 1 CD)

Recommended Runes: 3 Strength; 2 Strength, 1 Speed/Team Speed

Recommended Relics: Vanoss2099's Shield, Wangzhou's Shield, Tenacity Shield, Hiroim's Shield

Recommended Allies

  • Like any old attacker, a damage-boosting ally like Ferrus can help him put a lot of punch into his attacks.
  • Tabora can disable the trait of Anticipation monsters, letting Katsuko gain his Taunt Hater without fear.


  • If you want to protect your fellow Taunt users, use Chuckle Muckel to remove the Taunt Hater from Katsuko after he gets his extra turn due to Anticipation and PER.
  • Shield breakers like Lightmare and Ullrica can remove his many, many shields.
  • As a Light monster, Metal attackers like Vanoss2099 shred through him with ease. Vanoss2099 also has Pierce ignoring Katsuko's shields
  • Due to his trait, he is denied by everyhing, but Possession, so use deniers like Master Masher and Letalis to make him unable to support his team with shields.


  • All the monster's moves are references to Sumo Wrestling techniques.