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Ever since she was a child, Khamelia searched for answers in the stars. She used her talent to help the Light Kingdom, but the answers about herself weren't up in the sky. It took her bravery to understand her true identity could only be found inside. Once she had found the truth, she looked up again and saw more answers than ever. Today, she's the Kingdom's Royal Astrologist.

Role: Denier


Khamelia is a good denier that makes a great addition to a PvP monster. Starting things off, she has wonderful stats, the most noteworthy one being her incredible speed. She also attained an acceptable trait, making her immune to 2 forms of denial, and start the battle being immune to all tortures at r3. She then holds 2 great relics for a denier, being staff and amulet, giving her the opportunity to either regenerate stamina, or wield another form of denial, being stamina drain! Moving on to Khamelia's moveset, her gimmick mainly focuses on effects like Stun, Shock, and Daze, allowing her to not only stop the enemies getting their turns, but negate ET monsters as well. She then boasts great self buffs through reapplication of torture immunity, and access to Evasion, True Vision, and Precision! Another great thing about Khamelia is that she has an Extra Turn skill. When paired with Dispelling Fist, she will have the power to cleanse Megataunt and deliver her splendidly stunning gifts. Overall, this monster has some great things to offer, and is worthy of getting a chance to shine.


  • Access to Mega Stun
  • Amazing relic slots
  • Hydra Blessing is a great self support skill
  • Good self support effects in Evasion, True Vision, Torture Immunity and Precision
  • Amazing stats
  • Decent trait


  • Moderate cooldowns on best moves

Recommended Moveset

Royal Astrologist that fights

  • Bright Andromeda (AoE 30 Thunder dmg + Stun, 48s, 3 CD)
  • Bright Lynx (50 Thunder dmg + Mega Stun + Shock, 38s, 2 CD)
  • Hydra Blessing / Crux Counselor (Hydra for Self Evasion + True Vision, 42s, 2 CD) / (Crux for AoE 30 Thunder damage + Shock + Daze, 48s, 3 CD)
  • Cetus Master (10 Thunder dmg + Daze + Self Extra Turn, 18s, 1 CD)

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed

Recommended Relics: Masher's Staff, Pumpseed's Staff, Cane of the Atlantis; Sherezar's Amulet, Tayni's Amulet

Recommended Talents: Dispelling Fist, Smite


  • Earth attackers like Ingwe and Lady Meow can take her down, Ingwe has Control Immunity that makes her denial useless, and Lady Meow is the ultimate counter as she has SC: Stun Immunity, Daze Immunity and Dodge Area, which can evade her AoE skills.
  • Denied by everything but Possession and Total Blind. Fast ones like Monstera and Viatrix can melt her wings.
  • She has an Extra Turn skill so if she uses it, Anticipation attackers like Kurai Kage and Blumeria can snap her midflight.

Fun Facts

  • The skills are all references to Constellations:
    • Cetus Master - Cetus is sometimes called "The whale" in English, meaning "The Whale Master".
    • Auriga Blessing - Auriga is Latin for "charioteer", which translates the skill name to "Charioteers Blessing".
    • Hydra Blessing - Hydra is the largest of 88 million constellations. It is commonly represented as a water snake
    • Crux Counselor - Crux is a constellation centered on four stars in the southern sky in a bright portion of the Milky Way. Khamelia's staff has a similar shape to the Crux.
    • Bright Andromeda - Andromeda was named after Andromeda, the daughter of Cassiopeia, who was eaten by the whale Cetus whale tied to a rock in greek mythology.
    • Bright Lynx - The Lynx constellation is shaped like the animal it is refering too. This is the only constellation on this list not discovered by Ptolemy.