Killeraptor is a dinosaur, He is fast, strong, savage and... Really smart. A deadly combination in battles!

Overview Edit

Killeraptor is ranked A- in Viability Ranking because of his deadly combo between stats, skills and trait, he is one of the top earth attackers, is bulky / powerful and fast so he is recommended to use... He is an attacker who boosts himself to deal tons of damage with his AOE skills or with his most powerful move: Brutal Laceration.


  • He can boost himself
  • He has got a good trait
  • His special skill is brutal
  • Low cooldowns
  • 30% shield
  • You can use Pterodactyl Control right after Double Bite in order to deal 70 dmg to all enemies
  • You are free to spam your 0 CD 30 dmg AOE if you choose to use Compisaur Control
  • Good stamina costs
  • Looks like Riptor from Killer Instinct
  • Is a dinosaur


  • Can't apply and debuff to enemy, he just attacks. Which is a huge disadvantage over most Earth monsters which most apply the stun status
  • While his special does deal good amounts of damage,it doesn't apply any negative effect

Recommended Moveset Edit

  • Pterodactyl Control/Chaos...Uh I mean Compisaur Control(0 CD)
  • Brutal Laceration
  • Savage Slash
  • Double Bite
  • 3 Power Runes

Killleraptor deals solid damage so 3 power runes are the best with him, You should start with Double Bite to boost your attacks the do your Pterodactyl Control which is a nice AOE skill with earth element so it's strong against VoltaiK. Brutal Laceration deals very heavy earth damage with a low cooldown while Savage Slash deals heavy earth damage with only 1 turn cooldown.

 Counters Edit

Timerion is not the best to use but he is OK... Barbatos, Count Vlad and Noctum are good to do strong attacks. Noctum is especially good here as he can remove Killeraptor's own buffs. You can also stun/freeze/possess him as Hardened reduces the accuracy of it by only 20%, so it is more than possible.

Island Offer Edit

Killeraptor is a useful component for the Island offer, but expensive. If you feel like you need a strong earth attacker, and want a high level, use this guy. If you would prefer something cheaper, don't care the element, and/or want a thunder than use Exo Skeel.Altough you should only get him if you don't do team wars,considering how often he is in the team shop and the fact that he is somewhat cheap.