This living nightmare crawls into other monsters’ minds sucking all the joy out of them. Christmas, being the happiest time of the year, is a feast for him.

Role: (Glass Cannon) Attacker/ Life Thief


Klectus is a Dark-type damage dealer, which is a far better version of Darkzgul and loves to give his enemies nightmares, while he's sucking their life out of them to save his own ass cuz that life stat sucks. He can also use strong Dark-type moves with low-ish cooldowns (at least for most of them) and boi, that speed makes him brutal.

He can make a good team with Metalhëad and Krampus but can get practically one-hit by another Krampus or any Light-type monster, and so I gave him A- rank, cause he is very good and effective in the right team, but has some dangerous weaknesses, which can cost you your victory.


  • Multiple life-stealing moves
  • Low-ish cooldowns, except for one move: Evil Souls
  • AoE Nightmares
  • That Special came straight out of a horror movie
  • Great power
  • Fast


  • Glass cannon
  • The only nightmare here is his trait
  • Easy to deny
  • One Reverse Healing and he's done
  • Evil Souls is totally ridiculous. 45 AoE Dark dmg, 5 TURN COOLDOWN. And that's it.

Recommended MovesetEdit

  • Pure Evil Energy (70 Dark dmg, 2 turn cooldown)
  • Klectus Laceration (60 Special dmg + Life-steal, 3 turn cooldown)
  • Nightmare Critters (30 AoE Dark dmg + Nightmares, 3 turn cooldown)
  • Malevolent Power/Klectus Gob (Malevolent Power: 50 Dark dmg, no cooldown/ Klectus Gob: 50 Special dmg + Life-steal, 2-turn cooldown)

Recommended Runes: 3 Strength (I'M GOIN' DOWN AND YOU'RE COMIN' WITH ME) / 2 Strength, 1 Speed (Thyra said it: Live Fast, Die Young)


Lux Aura and Krampus are his worst nightmare, cause Lux Aura can attack him, and she WILL, while Krampus will own him before Klectus can even blink. Someone stole your role as the bad guy in Christmas, bro!