Knightingale wanted to be a superhero, so when Malair told her that he could make her one, she followed him to his hideout. She didn't know that Malair was going to possess her and turn her into the deadly supervillain she has become!

Role: Attacker


Knightingale is basically Rara Avis but can attack 4 times in a row with the right combo. This super villain also has 2 tortures which are Nightmares and Bleed.


  • Good SC
  • Self NER
  • 2 Extra turn moves
  • Decent special
  • Great power and speed
  • Solid tortures in Nightmares and Bleed
  • Great Attacker relic slots
  • Can chain up to 4 attacks in a row!
  • Has 0 CD moves making her fine against CDA


  • Very bad life
  • Bland movepool
  • Low skill damage, so she can't take advantage of her amazing power
  • Few negative effects
  • Extra turn skills can be Anticipation bait
  • Bad trait except SC

Recommended Moveset

Creature of The Night

  • Cutting Feather (20 Dark dmg + Self Extra Turn, 34s, 1 CD)
  • Dream With Freddy (50 Dark dmg + Nightmares, 49s, 0 CD)
  • Twilight Wings (35 Special dmg + Self Extra Turn, 33s, 3 CD)
  • Your Worst Nightmare / X Scratch (Nightmare for AoE 25 Dark dmg + Nightmares, 24s, 2 CD) / (Scratch for AoE 30 Dark dmg, 43s, 3 CD)

Recommended Runes: 2 Strength, 1 Speed/Team Speed; 2 Speed, 1 Strength

Recommended Relics: Cain's Sword, LazarBeam's Sword, Nishant's Sword


  • Dunn Ra walls Knightingale very well, as most of her moves are low-damage Dark moves.
  • Strong Light attackers like Arumel can kill her easily.
  • Anticipation monsters like Hardy, Warmaster Ragnarok and Miserus can counter her extra turn moves.
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