The war between Varuna and Cavenfish has had a negative impact on the ocean in general, but especially on the seabed and its coral reefs, which are being destroyed by lost bombs from pirate ships. Tired of the situation, Koralle Brutalis is ready to protect the reefs and fight back!

Role: Tank

Overview Edit

Koralle Brutallis is a tank with Mega Taunt and the first monster to have the Taunt trait, meaning that his Taunt cannot be removed with PER. He also has many good skills which can deny/weaken his enemies.


  • Impressive trait
  • Massive health stat
  • Has Mega Taunt
  • Mostly low cooldowns


  • Easily denied due to his trait giving him no immunity
  • Mediocre Power and Speed stat
  • Countered by Dodge Area due to his best skills being AoEs

Recommended Moveset Edit

  • Dendronephythya Decline (35 AoE Earth dmg + Daze + Quicksand, 36s, 1 CD)
  • Elkhorn Ambush (50 Earth damage + AoE Stun, 38s, 1 CD)
  • Brutalis Barrier (AoE Damage Reduction + MegaTaunt, 21s, 2 CD)
  • Underwater Sand Dune (35 Earth dmg + Quicksand + Daze, 30s, 1 CD)

Recommended Runes: 2 Life, 1 Team Speed

Recommended Relics: Hiroim's Shield or Wangzhou's Shield / Tenacity Shield or Fulmen's Shield

Recommended Allies Edit

Due to having Taunt as a trait and being able to use Mega Taunt, he can provide absolute protection for his allies, especially Area Dodge monsters. One such example is Wyrmlad. Wyrmlad receives no damage due to his Area Dodge trait. When combined with Koralle Brutalis' protection, Wyrmlad can dish out damage to enemies and can even support Koralle Brutalis with Shield and several positive effects.


  • Trait disablers such as Ingenica and Draghar can disable Koralle's Taunt trait, causing him to be unable to tank well. Ingenica is especially good since she has access to PER and Trait Disabled.
  • PER monsters such as Gorg and Wyrmlad can remove his Mega Taunt so that Koralle's teammates can be hit by AoE moves. Gorg also has Sea Hater to deal more damage to Koralle.
  • Torture effects hurt tanks so much, especially for Koralle who has no protection from these effects. Monsters such as Saulot are good at this.
  • Ugluk can apply Taunt Hater to himself, which allows him to deal extra damage to monsters with Taunt or Mega Taunt.
  • Pierce monsters such as Zunobia and Wildbird can get past his Taunt and Mega Taunt. Zunobia is the ultimate counter as she has both Pierce and elemental advantage.
  • Kronx can be a nasty tool against Koralle as she can use Baby Reversion on him, denying him while allowing her teammates to wreck havoc on his allies.
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