Krampus is an evil Christmas spirit that loves to mess around. He loves to freeze on top of that, what a mess!

Overview Edit

Krampus can freeze and is exceptionally fast. This makes Krampus a major threat that must be countered at all costs. Because of this, Krampus is ranked S+ in the Viability Ranking.


  • AoE Freeze
  • Great speed
  • Random status effect moves
  • Single target Freeze move


  • High cooldowns
  • Bad Trait

Recommende Moveset Edit

Frozen Christmas

  • Brutal Verdict
  • Freezing Shadows
  • Creepy Shadows
  • Burning Gift/Poisoned Gift

Recommended Runes: 3 Speed Runes

As a team immobilizer, Krampus needs to be as fast as possible. Using Freezing Shadows first will freeze all foes. Creepy Shadows gives nightmares to all foes, which is always welcome. Brutal Verdict is there to freeze another target when needed and Burning Gift/Poisoned Gift depends if you prefer to inflict burn or poison combined with your random effects.

Counters Edit

Krampus has a lot of cooldowns, so Timerion is a huge counter to it (also because he is immune to all kinds of effect). Krampus also heavily relies on freeze, which means that monsters immune to freeze can block the status effect and freeze Krampus back. Cavenfish and Lord Mammoth are both good example. Krampus is also weak to light, so Lux Aura or any Light attackers are definetly a good choice to counter it.